Owl's challenge


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    Owl's challenge Empty Owl's challenge

    Post by Owlpig on Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:57 pm

    Pigwidgeon was lying on her coat spread over the grass. The sound of cicadas filled the night air and she could see the stars clearly on the sky. She had her hands behind her head and her legs crossed, it was a comfortable position for stargazing. The sky was very clear and she recognized several constellations. She had worked hard all day gathering minerals and ores but she didn’t want to go to bed, not when it was such a beautiful night. Even the monsters seemed quiet tonight. She sighed, it made her miss a companion, she was so alone. Are her eyes gazed at the black sky she saw a small moving light. At first it seemed like a comet, but it grew bigger quickly. She wondered if it was some sort of rock, the glowing object landed further out on the plain. She got up and put her coat back on and with her sword ready she rushed towards the point where she had last seen the falling item.

    When she approached the crash site see could see it glowing, not as bright as before but still strong enough for her to not need a torch. It had made a small hole in the ground and had then bounced a couple of metres away. She approached the thing slowly, it was clear that it wasn’t a rock; it was bright pink and oval. It looked like an egg, but it was nothing like any egg she’d ever seen. She got down on her knees and wiped the dirt of the egg, she noticed a star-shaped mark that seemed to be the origin of the glow. The egg was warm and smooth when she picked it up in her hands, careful to not do any damage. She held the egg tight against her body as she made haste back to her small wooden cabin. She had to figure out where the egg came from, did someone send it, was it an accident, was it from space, she didn’t know. When she got in the house she placed the egg besides the small fireplace. She examined in the light of the fire but she didn’t get anything from it. She sighed, undressed and took the egg to her bed. She fell asleep with it protectively pressed against her chest.

    Owl's challenge Nzbjbi11
    Pigwidgeon woke up by a high pitched melody. She couldn’t remember leaving the windows open so why could she still hear birds. She yawned and when she moved her arm to rub her eyes she felt a weight on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw a pink furball sitting on top of her. It was the size of her head with no limbs but two antennas and a bright glowing star on its forehead. The creature looked at her and squeaked. She now realized it was the creature that had been singing. She looked down and where the egg had been was now only broken eggshell. Carefully she moved her right arm around the back of the creature, lifting it of her shoulder. The creature let her do it without moving and she sat up in the bed. What was this cute little thing, she wondered. She placed it on the bed and dressed quickly, it had its big pink eyes fixed on her the whole time. She heard footsteps outside her door and she rushed to open but no one was outside, she looked down and saw a letter. She opened curiously.

    The letter read:
    I noticed you acquired one of my eggs, it was an accident it came to you but you might as well keep it. I planned to give them away anyways. But as an apology, I give you this token containing a stamina charm for your yogpet, just let it touch the token and the charm will begin to work. Take good care of your pup, it will get stronger as it grows. I’m excited to see how you’ll progress.
    Dr. Coffee
    She looked in the envelope and saw a bronze wing, it didn’t seem like anything special but she assumed that was the token. She put the letter in her personal chest and walked back to the bed. The pup squeaked at her and she sat down next to it.
    “Hey little fellah,” she said to it, unsure if it would respond. The pup twitched its antennas and with a melodic voice it answered:
    “Hello.” Pigwidgeon looked at the pup surprised. She took the token in her hand and reached out towards the creature. It touched it with its antennas and the star in the pups forehead started to glow brighter as the pup absorbed the charm and the wing got turned into dust.
    “Hungry,” it sang and she jumped out of the bed to check what food she got. She was going to take excellent care for it, since it was the only friend she had. She opened her food chest and took out the different types of food she had; meat, vegetables, cookies and even soup. She placed it on the floor beside the bed and the pup bounced out of the bed and landed in front of the food. It sniffed the food suspiciously. In less than a second the pup had snatched a cookie and was now chewing delighted. She smiled and stroked the pup gently. She needed a name for her pup, something that was genderless, since she didn’t know if it was a boy or girl, maybe it didn’t even have a gender. She looked at the glowing mark on its forehead, like a sparkling star in the sky, like when she found the egg. There she had it, Sparky.
    “Sparky,” she called, trying the word on her tongue. The pup squeaked and bounced in excitement. She petted it on the head and fed Sparky more cookies.

    The letter still bugged her, she needed to know who this Dr. Coffee was, and how he one moment could be outside her door and gone in the next. But to find him she had to travel, and not by foot, that would take far too much time. The reason she had come here was because she crashed, she hadn’t tried to rebuild the ship, but now was maybe the time.
    “Let’s build an airship shall we,” she asked the pup who replied by singing a short tune. She packed her tools and got ready for a mining trip, she would need a lot of resources to get that ship back in the air. Sparky bounced after her as she left the cabin to head down into the big mine in the cliffside behind her house.

    Skylord Pigwidgeon would be reborn.

    Pigwidgeon walked down the already dug out cave. Sparky was sitting on her shoulder humming quietly. What she needed for the airship to function again was redstone to fix the engine, also coal, loads and loads of coal. She mined all the coal she could come by on her way down to the lower levels. She came out into a deep chasm where water poured down from the walls and mixed with the lava beneath. She took a deep breath and started placing cobblestone over the chasm. On the other side there was a ledge from which she could dig a staircase down. She started working on the staircase with excitement. There would be all kinds of gems and ores on the bottom of the chasm. When she could see the bottom she jumped the rest of the way down and took a look around. The lava lit up the place from the many pools scattered around on the stone floor of the deep cliff. The light reflected in the veins of all kinds of ores, gold, iron and there, redstone.

    She rushed towards the vein with her iron pickaxe ready. In a few swings she dug into the vein and she could collect the red dust. She started to sing a well known folk song while mining and Sparky started to chirp. She stopped and looked at him curiously.
    “What is it Sparky?” She asked the little pup. He twitched his antennas and smiled.
    “Food,” he said. She looked at him confused, what did he mean? Was it the dust, was that food?
    “What do you mean ‘food’?” she asked once again.
    “Song. Food.” He said twitching his antennas again. Pigwidgeon frowned, did he eat music? Could it really be like that? She continued from where she had stopped on the song, uncertain of what would happen.
    “But now you feel brave, equipped with your spade to roam in these caves,” she sung looking at Sparky. He closed his eyes and his mark was glowing brighter the more she sang. She continued to sing as she mined out the vein and continued deeper into a side passage. She found more redstone veins and soon she was deep into a labyrinth of caves.

    “Shit.” She said as she was about to place another torch. She had run out of torches and she had no wood for sticks. She could see the light from the last torch she placed and in the sparse light she could see another redstone vein ahead. She would just have to mine that one and then go back up to the surface again. She stroked Sparky and walked to the vein. She started mining and collecting the dust again but a sudden noise made her stop. She looked around trying to find the source of the sound when she heard it again, the clattering of bones. She started mining faster eager to get out now. The clatter of bones seemed closer than before and she put the last piece of dust into her bag to turn back around. But when she started walking a thin figure appeared in front of her. A flash of red and a sudden pain in her shoulder told her that she had been hit. She fumbled trying to get her sword out as the skeleton pulled back his bowstring to fire another arrow. But then Sparky started to light up the area, the mark on his forehead was glowing brighter than ever and he opened his mouth to sing a short but loud melody. The skeleton lowered its bow and Pigwidgeon rushed past it as quickly as she could. She followed the torches back to the chasm and hurried up the stairs. She walked over the small cobblestone bridge and rushed further up through the mine. When she saw daylight she slowed down and put her hand against the wall panting. She gritted her teeth when she looked at the arrow in her shoulder. It hadn’t hurt her much but still enough to make her feel pain every time she moved her arm.

    When she got back into the house she ate a bowl of soup and then sat down on the bed to attend to the wound. She pulled out the arrow slowly, she had done this many times before as skeletons wasn’t exactly a rare sight out here in the wilderness. She wrapped a cloth around her shoulder temporally and started to gather up the items need for the motor. When she was done she took a crafting table with her and all the wool she had in her house and went to begin the repair of the airship. When she first came here she had been caught in a storm and crashed into a mountain. She walked up the path of the mountain and when she reached the top she saw the ship lying there like last time she looked. The balloon was ripped and the ship itself battered. She had almost forgotten about Sparky who was still sitting on her shoulder. She put him down on the ground as she started to tinker with the crafting table. She had built the ship with her own hands as a part of her training so she knew every inch of it. The balloon was the easiest bit as she only had to make more cloth and sew it back together again. The deck could manage in the state it was, it wasn’t a beauty competition. The engine did take a lot of work though and she continued to work until the sun went down at the horizon and Sparky fell asleep.

    “Sparky, wake up, look at it.” Pigwidgeon said with a tired but happy voice. Sparky blinked a few times and then bounced to her feet. He stared at the big airship with wonder. Pigwidgeon picked him up and put him on her shoulder. She then hurried back to the cabin and started to pack the essential stuff. There were store chest on the ship so she could take extra materials with her. After a few runs back and forth she was done and she climbed aboard the ship. She begun pressing buttons on the panel and the engine started going. Sparky looked at her excited, and she smiled pulling the lever to ascend them upwards. The ship cringed a few times before it started to float higher and higher through the air. When they were at the right elevation Pigwidgeon set them to hover and steered the ship forwards. She pulled down her goggles and her hair was flowing in the wind. She had truly missed this, who knew what would happen, who they would meet. Hopefully people with more answers about the yogpets.

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