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    Gray's Challenge Empty Gray's Challenge

    Post by Graycalls on Tue Apr 16, 2013 2:58 am

    Chapter One:

    Skor swung his pick another time, crumbling the rock in front of him. Grinning, he swept a hand out and cleared away the debre surrounding the strange object he had seen in the rock in front of him. Carefully, Skor smoothed the gravel away from the strange round object he had just uncovered.

    “Now what are you, little rock?” Skor flicked the rock with the tip of his claw, listening carefully to the resulting sound. He frowned, carefully feeling the surface of this new ore. It was, for the most part, smooth, except for the occasional rough patch of bumps along it's surface. Carefully, Skor palmed the new ore and lifted it from it's bed in the rock, smoothing it over with his hand to wipe away the dust and gravel still sticking to his find. Skor wouldn't say he knew everything about ores, but he knew the common ones, and knew how to identify the more rare ones; and this was something he had never seen before, not even in illustrations of ores long lost.

    Cautiously, carefully, Skor places the ore back in it's place, pulling his bag off his back quickly, rooting through the bag to make a soft nest for the new ore to rest in. Finally, using some leaves that had found their way into his bag, as well as his buffing clothes, he made a soft nest in his bag for the ore to rest in, just in case it was one that would break easily. Skor stood again, leaving his bag on the mineshaft floor. He stretched, cracking his back casually before moving to pick up the new ore again. Carefully, cautiously, he moved the new ore over to his bag, tucking it away into the bag, pulling the fabric carefully around the ore.

    Skor slung the bag carefully back over his back; settling it easily between his brightly colored grublegs.

    Humming, he set off for the long path out of the mine; he'd found the materials that he'd needed, as well as a new ore to play with. Things looked pretty good!

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