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    Sasha's Challenges Empty Sasha's Challenges

    Post by gliber-t on Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:24 am

    Challenge 1: Finding the Egg:
    You’re a collector.

    In a way, you’re similar to other collectors. It’s your hobby. You collect items that make you happy, in your case, items of certain colors.

    But there’s something that, you feel, makes you… different from other collectors.

    Your collection overall is standard. A series of rocks, scraps of paper, other various knickknacks that you have found, all sharing a color scheme ranging from blue to green. There is one unique item that you have, however. In a way, you don’t consider it to be part of your collection anymore, it’s just too different.

    You found it on a stroll one day, as with your other items. This one was different though. Most items you found were rather small; they could fit into the palm of your hand, or both hands, at most. This item was large, almost bigger than your own head. You found it sitting under a bush, and at first you thought it was the egg of some wild creature. On closer inspection, you started to question this theory. Surely there could be nothing that could lay an egg that big, not around here at least. It still resembled an egg however. Maybe if you could get a closer look…

    Your neighbors and friends in your small town were used to you crawling on your hands and knees to collect items off the ground, so no one questioned you when you crouched down on the sidewalk and plunged yourself half way into the bushes. When you emerged, egg in hand, you were quite satisfied with yourself. Looking down at the item in your hands, something about it made you know it was different. You almost felt nauseous; it felt like something about the egg was almost… other worldly. You quickly placed the egg back on the ground and stood up, glancing at it quickly before turning the walk away.

    You were only about 10 steps away when you glanced back. You weren’t quite sure why you did, but looking back now, you’re glad you did.

    Where you had just been crouching now stood one of the neighborhood dogs. He was a rather large dog, and although friendly, he could be a bit destructive at times. He had been sniffing at the egg, still sitting where you had left it, yet now he had taken to attempting to gnaw at it. You felt yourself panic; what if he broke it? You spun on your heels, quickly rushing back and pulling the egg out of the dogs reach. You could hear the dog’s owner apologize to you and begin to question what you were holding, but you were long gone.

    Safely clutching the egg in your arms, you ran back to your house. The dog had not done much damage, as the egg was much larger than anything he could fit his jaw around, but there were some small cracks evident. You quickly ran through your front door, temporarily ignoring your cats meowing hungrily as you ascended the stairs two at a time. You finally stopped in your room, panting slightly as you looked down at the egg. You placed it carefully on your bed as you rummaged through your drawers, quickly pulling out a few band aids. As you sat down on your bed, you began to consider what you were doing. You are bandaging an egg for Pete’s sake!

    You pushed those thoughts away as you noticed one particularly large crack on the egg. It didn’t look natural, like the egg was hatching. It must have come from the dog. Carefully unwrapping a bandage, you placed it over the crack. You weren’t sure what good that would do, but it made you feel better all the same. You carefully continued to patch up the cracks, until finally you were satisfied with the result. As you held the egg, you felt the same odd sensation as before, but this time, you didn’t push the egg away. Something about this egg was definitely different, but almost… in a good way.

    Since then, you’ve kept the egg in your room, using one of your cats’ beds as a temporary nest. You weren’t quite sure what this egg was, or where it came from. You had no idea what was going to hatch from it. Until you found out, you were going to take care of it. It wasn’t that bad having it around, after all, it was such a pretty color.
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    Post by Hiiragi Wasabi on Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:07 am

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    Very nice story! :3

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