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    Kates Yogpet challenge Empty Kates Yogpet challenge

    Post by katie0202 on Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:23 pm

    PT1 Egg in the desert
    It would be a short trip he said, you will thank me later he said! If anything I would “thank him” with a punch to the nose once I got home.

    Early morning and already I had a friend knocking at my door jolting me from my sleep and one of my better nightmares. I muttered some curses under my breath and dragged myself out of bed hearing him call my name loudly and bang on the door once more rattling my drowsy brain. Him who happened to be outside was a young man, not much younger than I, with short brown hair and an annoyingly loud voice everyone around here knew. My sleepy mind made me remember his name as he shouted at my door, Dave. I grumbled and walked down the hall recounting my past experiences with Dave.

    Not shy in the slightest he enjoyed bothering me much too often, I didn’t hate him though since he and I shared a common interest. The Yogscast, a group of British “Let’s Players” or LPers for short. Really they had group members scattered around the globe but they mainly were British. The Yogscast had become my life and Dave being a huge fan as well never left me be about them. He would run to my door and chittered about them none stop to me, I was the only one who put up with his nonsense. Most stayed away from Dave and latched the door when he came knocking while I opened it with open arms or a bared fist depending on the day. Either way he still came back for more.

    I opened the door and snarled at the young man a huge smile covering most of his face.

    “Good day Kate,” He beamed making me wish I had stayed in bed and ignored the lad, “I have something VERY important to tell you!” He flailed his arms about exaggerating also making me take a step back in worry he would hit me; wouldn’t be the first time.

    “Dave if this is an update of what the guys have posted this morning I won’t tell you again. I get the update on my YouTube account as well and before you ask, no, I will not tell you my YouTube username” I growled getting ready to close the door in his face and head back to sleep. Dave flailed around in panic and grabbed the door stopping me from closing it on his fingers, though I was very tempted too.

    “No, no, no nothing like that! I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy’s cousin who-“I put a finger to his mouth stopping his chatting, “Dave get to the point” He nodded and I took back my finger crossing my arms and opening the door again letting the boy speak.

    “Ok so this guy is kind of shady and wears a long black coat right? Yeah, go find him; he stays in an alley way downtown. Hand him a twenty dollar bill and ask him for some eggs” My face fell, not that I wasn't frowning before, as Dave stared at me an extremely serious look upon his round so punch able face.

    “Dave I’m not even dressed and you clearly don’t know where this alley way is. Do you know how big Downtown is Dave? Do you know how many god damn alley ways are downtown Dave?! Do you not see I’m in a bath robe clearly not wanting to spend my Sunday morning hunting a drug dealer?!” Dave pouted and looked down at the ground kicking around a rock at my door step.

    “Ok Kate. It’s just, I knew you’ve wanted a pet and these eggs are special, REALLY SPECIAL! And they have something to do with the Yogscast too, I think, maybe. Thats what the other guy told me before he ran away” I raised an eyebrow questionably as Dave looked up at me his brown eyes wide with an attempted puppy dog face. The face got me.

    “You know what Dave. Fine, I’ll go find this drug dealer and get you some eggs since you clearly need this to stay sane” Dave fist pumped the air and howled loudly threatening the sleep of the other neighbours.

    “Great now get dressed and I’ll tell you what street to look for and where to find it” So this little devil did know the street after all, this better be worth getting out of bed for.

    After about an hour’s drive or so and some mumbling about how insane this was I found the street Dave had told me about. I don’t remember when this street had opened up or even when it had been built which bothered me beyond even how much Dave did, that was saying something. Stopping the car and parking it to the side I read out loud the street sign, a rusty green plate with only faint markings of the name.

    “The Desert?” I asked myself starting to walk down the dark grey sidewalk looking for the first alley way, as Dave had instructed. A thick cloud of mist had covered the street casting an eerie glow as the sun did its best to shine through the thick fog. I was beginning to hate myself for even coming when a whisper came from the left of the street leading down the first alley way, like Dave had said. I hesitated but eventually found myself face to face with a pale man, his eyes a bright red his teeth sharp as he smiled at me.

    “You must be lost adventurer. People often lose their way in the desert” His voice was low and wispy and had an odd hiss at the end of each word that unnerved me greatly. “Or maybe you’re searching for riches in this wasteland?” I shivered and backed away as the man laughed, more of a hiss in the wind.

    “I have money and you have eggs?” I asked my voice unsure and shaking the atmosphere and the man both eerie and sending a huge “GET OUT” sigh in my mind as he laughed again.

    “Twenty dollars and one, only one, egg is yours” He opened his black trench coat and pulled free a dark locked wooden box from a brown leather strap holding it in place in the coat. He opened the box and showed it to me as I pulled the money free from my pocket my hands shaking in fear. He eyed the money and hissed looking up at me a smile played on his lips.

    “You have doubled the cash but this doesn’t mean double the eggs” He hissed narrowing his eyes making the red stand out even more. A cold sweat started to form on my brow as I worried I would not be able to buy one for Dave as he asked.

    “I swear I have a friend. He would love for me to get him one as well. Can you make any exceptions?” The man considered this for a moment before nodding and smiling his teeth sharp and interlocking like a bear traps.

    “Very well, I believe you. This “Friend” of yours will also get an egg. Choose wisely, you only have this chance, I will not let you change it after” I looked down at the colorful eggs and sighed relaxing as I looked down at the small creatures. Each one different and more intriguing than the last I finally decide which two to take.

    “The top row, first one and the second row, last one” The man beamed and carefully plucked the eggs from the box setting them in smaller velvet boxes much like that for a ring or necklace. He handed me the two boxes, one purple holding the first row egg for myself, the other a neon green holding the second row egg for Dave. I handed him the money and began to leave when he yelled something at me.

    “Don’t forget to feed them and take good care of them. If you need anything else call for Israphel!” The name rang in my ears making me turn around only to find the man gone replaced with a small pile of sand. I stood in the mist frozen in place staring at the sand wide eyed before it blew away with the wind taking with it my paralysation.

    I raced to my car and drove home the eggs carefully placed in the backseat. I was worried yet anxious about what would happen when they hatched and hoped Dave would like his.

    PT2 Magepup
    After finally getting home I walked over to Dave's home and knocked on the door hard so Dave would hear no matter where he stood or what he was doing. Once he answered I forced the egg box into his hands and growled showing I was not happy about him sending me out like he had.

    “Oh cool you got me one! Thanks so much Kate, sorry it was early but thank you so much!” Without warning he hugged my waist tightly snuggling his head into my dark grey sweater. I sighed and smiled patting his head lightly and warping one arm around him returning the hug, he was a small boy even if he was only a couple years younger than I.

    He opened the box and gasped seeing the egg. It was much bigger than a chicken egg; about the size of an emu’s egg maybe even the size of an ostrich egg. It was a fair size for sure but what was really odd about them was the shells. Mine was a purple with pinkish stars and a single glowing eye in the center the same color as the stars. Dave’s was a radioactive green with a symbol to match, it also glowed faintly. I wondered if it was actually radioactive or not.

    “Oh wow look at this thing! It's so cool can’t wait till it hatches!” It was then I snapped from my happy go lucky daydream about these eggs. I had no idea what would hatch from it, what if it ate my face in the night or something. What is it blew up Dave and his house, not that that would really be a bad thing. Dave nodded and must have mumbled good bye as he slowly shut the door stopping me from warning him about the possible dangers of this egg, not that I was really about too since then I could sleep in peace in the morning for once in my life. Once again I woke from a kind of daydream and realised how tired I was from this morning, it had been a long night of online play and YouTube videos last night and I had gotten close to no sleep.

    Rushing out of the house by Dave’s command had tuckered me out for the day already, plus it was Sunday and I slept in Sunday.

    I quickly walked back to my home and brought the egg inside worrying if I left it in the car it might get too cold in this weather and freeze. Once I shut the door I set the egg, still in its box, on the kitchen table and walked up stairs to my room changing into some PJs again knowing I wasn’t going anywhere again today, I hoped anyways. I got down stairs and opened the box carefully taking the egg into my arms cradling it softly careful not to drop it. It was smooth to the touch but also quite cold and shook slightly as I held it close. I yawned softly and looked down at the egg; something about it was very relaxing and almost soothing just watching it, the pinkish stars almost glowing on the dark purple backdrop. I held it closer and sat down in one of the uncomfortable light wood kitchen chairs a small smile spreading across my face as I watched it twitch and shift but not hatch; I figured it was close with all this movement it was making.

    I yawned again this time louder and longer and decided I didn’t want to fall asleep at the kitchen table knowing it would give me a terrible neck cramp, plus I might drop the egg and I really didn’t want that. I carried the egg up the stairs careful not to shake it too much or to drop if of course as I slowly crawled up the steps getting sleepier as I moved along. I settled into bed and snuggled into my pillow resting the egg on my bedside table not wanting it to be far away. I attempted to fall asleep when I looked up at the egg again, it sat there all alone in the cold while I slept in my warm bed, this was unfair. I sighed and took the egg from the table pressing it close to my chest resting my chin lightly on its shell careful not to press down too hard and crack it.

    “Good night…not named egg” I giggled drowsily snuggling the egg close quickly falling asleep hugging the egg close warm on my chest.

    I woke to a small sound, like a puppy yawning waking me from my sleep. I kept my eyes shut tight not wanting to wake and snuggled closer to the egg expecting the feeling of the soft shell at my fingertips like I had when I fell asleep. I yelped scratching the tip of my index finger on the sharp edge of an egg shell my finger starting to bleed a bit. My eyes shot open and I jumped from the bed gasping seeing the broken pieces of the bright purple egg laying on the bed and some on the floor some pieces still rocking slowly on their side. I started to panic worrying about the egg when a small chirp came from the bed catching my attention.

    I slowly turned around to see a small portion of my bed sheets wriggling and making some loud panicked chipping noises, the sheets shook and squirmed with some sort of creature underneath. I carefully crept up on the wriggling ball of chirping noise and tossed the bed sheets off the creatures head and body quickly recoiling away closing my eyes hoping the creature wouldn’t leap at me and attack.

    I slowly opened one eye to see a small creature, pink like the stars of the shell with a fairly long tail and from the looks of it the creature eyes were shut closed. I slowly approached it careful not to startle the not so small cutie; it was about the size on my head.

    “Hello there? Do you speak English?” I asked sitting at the edge of the bed holding out a hand for it to smell much like you would for a new dog. The creature wiggled as it sniffed my hand before gently nuzzling the back of my hand and cooing loudly. I smiled and picking up the creature quickly placing it on my lap as it chirped in fear from being in the air.

    “You need a name that’s for sure!” I felt the creature wrap its tail around my wrist almost holding on for balance as it rested on my lap quite happily bouncing up and down tweeting and chirping much like a happy song bird, I thought it sounded like a Togapi from Pokémon. I noticed a scroll sitting on my bedside table and picked it up unravelling the yellowish colored worn looking paper.

    “Good to see you took care of my gift and didn’t kill it like some. I figured you would need to know what it is at least. In this species line you have hatched the Magepup, a magic user hatched through affection and love. Give it lost of attention and something sweet to eat. I suggest some surgery cereal, Signed Israphel” I looked down at the Magepup and smiled as it started to sniff around the bed still clinging to my wrist for support.

    “Another message from Israphel is seems. Well at least I know what to call you! I’ll name you Magepup since that’s already apparently your name!” Magepup twittered happily unwrapping its tail from my arm and running to the edge of the bed jumping down and running to the closed door of my bedroom.

    I was surprized it was able to find its way with its eyes closed like that, it must use its sense of smell to get around I figured. Magepup ran into straight the door squealing as it hit its nose pretty hard, it ran back to my leg hiding behind it quivering a bit as it nursed its small nose. I giggled and gently picked it up making sure its feet stayed resting on my stomach so it would feel something underneath it as I carried it downstairs not trusting its sense of smell to detect stairs yet. I set Magepup down on the kitchen table and opened the cupboards knowing I still had some sugar glazed cheerios siting around here somewhere. Magepup chirped loudly and ran around the edges of the table in a small panic realising it had moved and now the surface it was placed on was smaller.

    I quickly filled a bowl of cereal and ran over to Magepup as it cried out in fear curling around itself and shivering hiding its face in its tail. I set the bowl down and stroked its back hoping to calm it down.

    “Easy little guy… or girl? Hmm, wonder what you are. Whatever, its ok little guy don’t worry I just moved you down to the table, its ok your safe as long as I’m here” I continued to stroke Magepups spine and pushed the bowl closer till Magepup looked up and sniffed the bowl moving closer to the side of the bowl and dipping its face inside. Its nervous chirps slowly chimed down to happy giggles as it ate away at the cheerios. I watched Magepup eat loving the way it chirped between bites, it finished the food in no time at all leading me to think it must have really been hungry once it had hatched.

    It was then I got a knock on the door who I only could guess was Dave. I wondered if his egg had hatched yet and gently picked up Magepup again carrying it to the door with me to see what kind of pet Dave got from him radioactive egg.

    PT3 Magi and Klutz
    When I opened the door Dave’s hair was spiked up and singed black at the tips as if he had been electrocuted, still he had a wide smile on his small face. I held Magepup close to my chest the pup squirming around as I watched Dave carefully; he was holding something behind his back and by that smile I worried about what it would be. He pulled a white bird the same size as Magepup with large blue eyes and yellow markings underneath its chin as well as three yellow feathers spiking up from its forehead that sparked with electricity. I giggled as Magepup squeaked and squirmed trying to get a closer look, or smell, at this new hatchling poking me in the ribs as he did.

    “Hey Kate I want you to meet Volpup! He hatched when I shocked the eggs shell with a car battery” I looked down at Volpup and raised an eyebrow, I was about to ask Dave why he shocked an egg with a car battery and before that why he even had a car battery in the first place when Volpup squawked loudly its cheeks crackled with static, Magepup was growling trying to jump from my arms snapping at the bird causing me to tighten my grip and hold him closer. Dave held Volpup tightly listening to both the pups struggling to free them self’s from our arm both snapping at each other’s necks and making very angry squawks and squeals.

    “Dave what’s wrong with your hatchling?! Why is it making Magepup flip out like this?” Dave shrugged and let his hand relax letting Volpup slip from his grip and fall to the floor screaming an angry squawk and leaping up at my arms and at Magepup making him roar and push away from my grip as well dropping to the floor with Volpup. I went to retrieve Magepup only to have Volpup snap at my hand and shock it lightly making me yelp an move away from the two both still making angry sounds at one and other. They glared at each other even with Magepups closed eyes I could see hate radiating from his closed eyes.

    “Kate what do we do!” Dave yelled skipping past the two who slowly circled each other occasionally snapping towards the other as they hissed and chirped loudly, Dave jumped over the fight and stood next to me instantly gripping my arm tightly in fear as well as just to annoy me. Magepup shouted loudly sending a small pinkish ball of energy towards Volpup shooting it from his tail hitting the bird in the forehead sending it onto its back with a yelp. It growled and shot a small flash of bright yellow lightning towards Magepup hitting its tail making the pup yelp and stiffen up for a moment before shaking free from the elemental grip and lunging towards Volpup using the same attack only tinted pink.

    “Oh god Dave what have you done! Control your pet Dave, go do it!” I yelled pushing him off my arm and towards the fight watching him stumble forwards and stop just before stepping on Magepups tail. He looked down at the two pups in panic before yelling down at them, “Volpup I command you to stop attacking Magepup Right now!” Volpup stopped and looked up at him, its eyes wide and sad as if it had just been told off for eating the last cookie in the jar. Dave looked back sternly and pointed his finger down in front of him motioning for Volpup to come back to him. Magepup also looked just as hurt watching Volpup look back at him then slowly looked away to join Dave. I stood shocked till Magepup squealed a little and I rushed to his side picking him up back into my arms snuggling him close.

    “Hey Magepup what was that? Why did you flip out?” Magepup looked up at me its eyes still closed of course and whined a little. I sighed and brought him back to the table setting him down and getting some chocolate from the fridge. Dave had set Volpup down and he was watching him sniff an electrical output in the wall. I cracked the chocolate bar in half and placed one of the half’s on the table watching Volpup. Dave took a cord from his pocket, a short orange extension cord, and plugged it in handing the other end to Volpup who took it in his beak and chewed on it lightly.

    “A note told me Volpup likes to eat this way” Dave said stroking Volpups feathery tuffs which sparked lightly shocking Dave’s hand making him jump back. I laughed at him while watching Magepup happily munch on the chocolate already calmed down after that little fight.

    “You know I think you need a better name, Magepup is cute but you need to sound badass.” Dave walked over to me getting a better look at Magepup. “How about Rebel?” Magepup shook his head, “Carlton?” He snuffed and growled, “Dave!” He looked up at Dave and slowly shook his head.

    “Ok fine how about Magi?” Magepup perked up smiling at the name and chirped loudly bouncing on the table. I smiled at look down at Volpup who had discarded the cord and was sniffing a fragile lamp set on the edge of a side table next to my couch. I winced as the lamp inevitably fell and hit Volpup on the head making him chirp angrily and zap the remains of the now broken lamp.

    “How about Klutz as your name.” Volpup looked back at me and smiled, he looked happy by the name while Dave seemed less excited by the choice but didn’t protest, I think he worried Klutz would get mad. I felt Magi poke my arm and wrap his tail around my wrist squeezing lightly and looking up asking me to move him off the table just with his closed eyes. I smiled and picked up Magi carrying him down towards Klutz letting him gently sniff the Volpup surprizing it and making it growl, Magi wrapped his tail tighter around my wrist starting to cut off the circulation. I laughed as Magi sneezed and Dave quickly retrieved Klutz yelled something at me and rushing out the door before I could even blink or ask where he was going.

    “I think he said something about getting rid of some sort of battery” I told Magi who pouted as Dave slammed the door shut knocking over the coat rack as he left. I pinched the bridge of my nose and pet the soft short pink fur making Magi squeal with glee and cuddle into my hand. It was then I wondered if there were any others who had pets like this, where did the egg come from in the first place, what even was Magi really?

    I sat on the couch Magi curling up in my lap while I pondered the question. Were there others like Dave and I, if so I knew I wanted to meet them.

    It didn’t take long for me to report about my new pet on Tumblr, that’s when I found something spectacular. Others all over Tumblr raving about their new pet ,many had entered the Minecraft code and found it there while others had found it in the real world with me. I was shocked to hear about how Lalna, Yogscast Lalna had apparently created the eggs, how he spread them around so fast was a mystery. I loved hearing about the eggs and them hatching and people opening daycares, doctors being hired, even an adoption center very quickly opening up as the word of these pets spread fast thought out the internet.

    I also noticed something different about my Magepup then, it was said they channel their magical energy’s through a wavy “Flibbit” on top of the head but Magi didn’t have one. Magi had a long tail in which he used for his magic, it was an odd quirk and that got me wondering. “How does this sort of thing happen? How did Magi get this odd gene when he was created?” I asked out loud waking Magi from his nap on my desk while I searched the internet for information. With everyone opening places for Yogpets maybe I could as well join in the fun.

    The Yogpet lab, open for business.
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