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    Eagle's Challenges Empty Eagle's Challenges

    Post by eaglewinged on Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:09 pm

    Eagle Finds an Egg:
    She had no idea where the blasted thing had come from, but when she turned around from gathering wheat, a little tan egg (with crossbones?) sat quietly in the clearing. The light from the sun had hit the darn thing just right, and though it almost blended in with the dirt around it, something about the egg seemed… noticeable.

    Eagle had watched it carefully, hoping for some caretaker (preferably a non-hostile one) to emerge from the bushes. Many hours passed. When dusk had finally fallen and no one had arrived, she had reluctantly scooped it up in her arms.

    As she trotted back to her home, the little egg seemed to almost give off a soft light through the poorly lit darkness. Making a note to craft more torches, Eagle opened the door, scanning her home for some place to put the small gift.

    She eyed the fabric she had carefully crafted the day before, and arranged it before the fireplace in a sort of makeshift nest. She lit the firewood and placed the egg in the nest to keep warm, careful not to drop the tan egg.

    Eagle sat down next to the nest and watched the egg. “Never thought you’d end up here, eh?” she asked it in the darkness. “Maybe you should’ve found a better caretaker. But if you’re stuck with me, I guess we’ll both have to make the best of it.”

    She waited in silence for a few moments, as if waiting for the poor thing to respond. “Can’t talk, I guess. Should’ve seen that coming.”

    Eagle lay down next to the egg, and quickly fell asleep in its warmth.

    The Hatching:
    She stared at the egg.

    The egg stared back.

    She continued to stare at the egg.

    It continued to stare back.

    The stupid thing had been sitting around in Eagle’s house, doing nothing for the last week - even when she had run out of firewood and had moved it in front of her furnace (she was smelting iron anyway, why not multitask?), it hadn’t changed a bit. She was starting to grow sick of the darn “gift”.

    The previous day, she had even taken a shot at doing something with the egg. Eagle had stuffed it into a basket and dragged it up with her to the top of the nearby volcano, where they had sat around quietly for a bit. Waiting. Waiting for something.

    Still, nothing.

    Maybe it was the heat? She had considered. But doesn’t an egg need heat to live? Incubation and all that?

    It could’ve been the magic she had been fiddling with lately. Previous experience (like her arms, she noted) had taught her that magic had a habit of… inconveniencing things, at its best. Corruption, at its worst.

    She grabbed the book she had been using as a bit of a “guidebook” - The Miner’s Guide to Animals - and sat down next to the egg. Slowly, she thumbed through the pages, looking for some sort of assistance, some sort of help…

    After a few minutes of reading, Eagle noticed that something felt… off. She set the book aside and looked to the egg.

    A long crack formed on its side, splitting the white crossbones in half.

    Eagle watched the egg with wide eyes as it started making bizarre movements. It was shaking. It was twitching. It was hopping, it was swaying, it was wobbling… It was doing all sorts of things that she didn’t have the words for.

    When it finally froze, she waited. After a moment, she tapped the egg’s shell with a shaky hand.

    “Are you okay, little guy?” she murmured.

    As if in response, it shook once more. The wound spread, enveloping the egg in a wave of small fractures. When the entirety of the egg was coated, it paused.

    A loud crack! reverberated through the empty house.

    And, with it, the shell itself burst.

    Eagle’s hands flew to her face as the remaining shards of shell bounced across her house. Slowly, she lowered one hand to watch whatever had emerged from the egg.


    It was cute, she had to admit. The creature was cute.

    It was a small purple fellow, with enormous fan-like ears the size of its head. It had a wolfish face (and no fangs, which surprised her) and two yellow eyes, which were staring piercingly at the floor.

    “Uh… hello?”

    It (he?) looked up at her with wide eyes.


    He could talk! Eagle’s mouth fell open for a moment.


    The creature whirled his head around, scanning the room with rapid movements before getting back to her. He tilted himself to one side for a moment as he examined her.

    Once again, he spoke.

    “Hi! I’m Wuffpup!”

    Wuffpup was smiling at her now. She blinked.

    “Hello, Wuffpup. I’m Eagle.”

    “Hi, Eagle!” The best word for his expression now would be “beaming”. “Will you be my friend?”

    At this question, Eagle froze. In that moment, every ounce of her said “no”. The back of her mind said “no”. The front of her mind said “no”. Even the deepest of instincts that she looked to when no one else would be there for her… said “no”.

    The mage closed her eyes and took a deep, shaky breath. She might not have wanted someone to care for. She might’ve done better by herself. But, she decided, if I have to be alone, then I’ll be alone with someone else.

    She looked back up at Wuffpup.

    “Yes, Wuffpup.

    “I will be your friend.”

    A Wild Encounter:
    Eagle sighed.

    Lately, Wuffpup had been practically tearing her mage’s tower apart - she wasn’t sure how much it was his personality, and how much it was affected by the black corruption slowly forming on his ears.

    She rubbed a black arm self-consciously.

    She wouldn’t call him mean, or rude, he was more mischievous than anything.

    He liked hiding under loose floorboards and appearing when she didn’t expect it. Her Thaumonomicon went missing, and it took an hour of interrogation to figure out where he’d hid it. More than enough food had gone missing lately, and she still wasn’t sure if he’d eaten it or stashed it. …Or “other”.

    She was pondering this when the story above her exploded.

    Eagle’s eyes widened as she turned, sprinting up the stairs to the scene of the explosion.

    Please don’t be the library, please don’t be the library, please don’t be the library…


    She knew that Wuffpup liked the library. He liked books, and liked reading in general. He’d gone through ten on his first day, and a few old novels had ended up in peculiar places recently. She wasn’t one to deny him the chance to mess around with the books.

    On the other hand, this was horrible.

    Empty shells of books littered the floor. Pages and pages of stories danced through the air on a slowly fading breeze. Individual words hung off of shelves, stuck halfway out the window and sitting atop the floating nitor that lit the room (torches were too flammable).

    Eagle let loose ten or eleven expletives.

    Wuffpup was sitting in the corner, looking at the remains of what had once been a library. His mouth was hanging open as he stared at the wreckage.


    The mage whirled to look at her companion. She grabbed him with one hand and glared straight into his eyes. “What- what did you do? Hundreds of years’ collection of knowledge, gone in an instant!”

    The pet’s eyes filled with tears. “I- I- I… But I just…”

    At this, Eagle felt an increasingly painful headache. It did nothing to stop her anger. Her free hand clenched, and she took a deep breath. “J-just… Go. Get out. I’ll clean this mess up.”

    Wuffpup stared at her for a moment, before hopping away and slowly floating out the window. He watched for one more brief moment, then fleeing on the wind.


    Eagle somehow couldn’t believe she’d missed it. Sure, it’d involved putting away five or six book covers and sweeping aside a couple of stray cobwebs, but laying underneath them was a message.

    Written with scraps of words, collectively arranged into an enormous message, it read:

    “I jusT wanted to SAy that i LOVe you EAglE. thanK YOu ffor tAking caRe of ME. -wuFFpuP”

    She put her head in her hands.

    “I’m going to have to fix this, aren’t I?”


    She had been looking for her friend in the woods since the sun had risen. Now, however, the moon was hanging almost overhead and the stars had all blinked into existence. There was still no sign of Wuffpup.

    She had emerged into a large clearing, empty except a few wilting flowers. Eagle kept a torch in one hand, silently cursing the fact her sword had since shattered while fighting a skeleton.

    She scanned the forest, and her eyes caught something shining in the darkness. When she realized what it was, she jumped for the nearest shelter.

    She was too late.


    The Enderman was behind her now, mouth open in a hideous shriek and arms flailing wildly. One of its claws managed to rake her across her forearm before she’d gotten into a nearby spruce’s shade.

    Eagle kept herself against the tree, the leaves now barely protecting her from the angry mob. She clutched her injured arm with her hand, watching the dark grey goop that oozed from her corrupted arm in place of blood.

    The Enderman’s screeches echoed in Eagle’s ears and she looked around for some sort of makeshift weapon. She swung her torch at the Enderman, trying to scare it off. Alas, its reach was longer than hers and it sent the light flying, hitting the ground flame-first before extinguishing.

    A scream sounded throughout the forest, causing her head to look up in surprise. A small purple ball came whizzing out of the darkness, slamming straight into the Enderman.

    After a moment, she realized it was Wuffpup.

    He rammed repeatedly into the Enderman, retreating back into the air whenever the dazed monster would try to attack back. After being batted around the bit, the tides seemed to turn. The Enderman was defending now more than it was attacking.

    In one final hit, the Enderman disappeared in a wave of purple smoke, leaving behind a sole enderpearl.

    Wuffpup turned to Eagle, panting heavily from the fight. “Did I do well? I won right? I won?”

    Eagle was smiling at him, despite her slowly bleeding arm. “Yes, Wuffpup, you did. I- I’m sorry for being such a jerk before, but… you need to learn some boundaries, Wuffpup.”

    “Yeah…” he frowned. “And I’m sorry for wrecking your stuff. Forgiveness?”

    She nodded.

    “Yay! Forgiveness!” He snuggled up against her free arm and put his head against hers.

    They sat like that for a few moments.

    “Y’know, I was thinking…” Wuffpup yawned. “‘Wuffpup’ is a boring name. I wanna be cool! Like you, Eagle.” He blinked his eyes sleepily. “Can I be called something cool? Can you call me like… Hawk?”

    Eagle smiled. “Sure. Hawk and Eagle. I like it.”

    “Yaaaay…” he closed his eyes. “Thanks, Eagle…” After a minute, he started snoring quietly.

    She watched Hawk for a moment, then looked to her arm. It had stopped bleeding, thank Notch.

    She would’ve liked them to sit there and rest for a bit, but it was still dark. Who knows what lurked beyond their clearing?

    However, as she adjusted herself to get up, the world lurched.

    She found herself in her bed, Hawk still leaning up against her. Eagle blinked. After a moment, she shrugged, grabbed her blanket, and settled down into bed.

    “Eh, I’ll ask him in the morning.”
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