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    To my cheeky little Asian friend Addlez,

    Old storky came over to take Demon Spawn away and gave me this weird egg. loljk, I found it in a giant egg basket on my window sill, idk how it got there. Anyway, there was a note with it that said “To my fellow Yognau(gh)t,” so I thought I should give it to you since that’s all you really blog about. Must be an Easter gift or something. Whatever, ciao, muthafucker.


    Adalene looked over the strange egg sitting in the basket in front of her door. She looked around curiously: Usually whenever Brit came along to deliver something to her, she would hand it over in person. She grabbed the nearest long object, a breadstick, and poked the egg. She had to make sure it wasn’t some strange April Fools joke.

    After about a minute of poking, Adalene decided that it was safe and carefully lifted up the basket, watching for any weird traps. When none were triggered, she closed the door behind her and sat down on one of the couches in her living room. The egg was pretty big, probably as big as Adalene’s forearm. It was pitch black with a white triangle and a stripe, which kinda reminded her of an old logo of one of her favorite bands. She lightly tapped the shell and concluded that there was certainly something inside, but exactly what was a mystery.

    She stood up to bring the egg to her room, but then a thought came to mind. What if it hatched while she was asleep and destroyed everything (or something like that)? She couldn’t leave it just out in the open or else her parents or her sister would find it, and maybe make a dish out of it.

    Adalene ended up putting the egg in her fireplace. It seemed like a weird place to put it, but it had been almost a decade since they lit the old fireplace up, and it was highly unlikely that they would anytime soon. Adalene dusted her hands off and decided to retire for the night. Maybe it’ll hatch in the morning, who knows.

    Hatching Part 1:
    Adalene dug the strange black egg out of the fireplace. Ashes and dust went all over the place, but the egg itself was clean. She sighed to herself, thinking what she would do with it. Maybe one of the boys would know what to do with it.

    She pulled out her phone and began texting people, people she hasn’t spoken to in a while. It was a bit awkward, contacting them out of the blue, but the boys were used to it. She would often text them at random times during the year and they would have normal conversations like that.

    Through a series of conversations she found that they were all going to the Cherry Blossom Festival, an annual culture festival held at the local park in the spring. She decided to bring the egg with her to show the boys, to give them a better idea about what’s going on.

    That Saturday, she headed to the park with the egg in hand. The boys were waiting near the stage, for they were in charge of setting up between acts.

    The park was large and open, although half of the area was used as a parking lot. It was surrounded by woodland all the was around, with paths laid out through the woods for campers. The area in the center was very grassy, and many tents, stands, and a stage were set up for the festival. The majority of the people were gathered in front of the stage, watching a koto performance.

    She saw the boys gather behind the stage, eating the funnel cakes and yakisoba that they got from the various food stands. She gave them the usual greetings and was about to show them the egg, but then the koto performance ended and applause could be heard. The boys stood up to prepare the stage for the next act, leaving Adalene on her own. She sighed and waited for them impatiently with the egg in her lap.

    She closed her eyes for about a minute, just waiting. When she opened them back up, the egg was no longer in her lap. Instead, what appeared to be a brown disembodied pig’s head stared up at her with large red eyes. She fell backwards on her chair in alarm, sending the weird pig head flying. It rolled back towards her, stared at her for a bit, and spat a single seed at her forehead. “Don’t do dat.”

    Adalene rolled over and sat up on the grass, letting the pig head thing jump back into her lap. “What exactly are you?” she asked, now that she was over the initial shock.

    “Tauropup,” the head replied. “Imma Tauropup.” The Tauropup shivered a bit, since they were under shade and it was a bit windy. Adalene sighed and wrapped the piggy in her scarf.

    “I’ll just have to call you Tauro, okay? This is gonna be a pain to explain to my mom…”

    Hatching Part 2:

    One of the taller boys, a sophomore named Alex, saw Adalene fall backwards on her chair and sighed. He ran over to her, but Tauro had jumped out of her lap and rolled towards him, causing him to trip and fall on his face. Adalene gave him a nervous smile as he got up and Tauro rolled back to her.

    “He came out of the egg,” she said, letting the hatchling hop back into her lap. Her scarf trailed behind the creature with bits of grass and petals stuck in it. “Please don’t get my scarf dirty.”

    Tauro snuggled in her lap and snorted in reply. Alex sat down on the grass next to her and cautiously placed his hand on the hatchling’s head. Tauro appeared to like his touch, bringing his snout up against the boy’s hand. “He’s really cold…you should bring him into the sunlight.”

    Adalene nodded and stood up, accidentally dropping her scarf. Tauro’s eyes widened and he hopped out of her arms and into the scarf, rolling it around his body. She sighed and held her hand out to the hatching as a way of saying, “Follow me!”. She led Tauro away from the shade and into a clearing in the middle of many tents and food stands. Green glowing marks appeared on his forehead and cheeks the second the sunlight hit him. His dull red eyes became brighter, and in one large jump he landed on his new owner’s head. Adalene’s hat and scarf made some sort of nest for Tauro as he fell asleep, just like a baby after eating a meal.

    “…Weird,” was all that came out of Alex’s mouth as he witnessed this strange phenomenon. “He’s so…weird.”

    “Really? I think he’s cute,” Adalene said as she patted the hatchling, being careful as to not disturb its sleep. “Although, I do want my scarf back…”

    Tauro opened a single eye and said, “Nu. My scarfy.” Then he went back to taking his nap.

    Adalene sighed and smiled. “Things are just gonna get weirder from here, huh?”
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