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    Brit's Challenge Empty Brit's Challenge

    Post by British_Heroine on Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:24 pm

    Chapter 1
    Brit woke up and grinned. Today was Easter, and that would mean that her father had chocolate eggs to give, though they were hidden at the moment. She giggled and jumped out of bed. She ran down the steps to find her younger siblings; Reclaimer and Daisy waiting by the front door.

    “Took you long enough!” Reclaimer groaned. “No we can begin!”

    Brit blew a raspberry at him just as their father entered the room.

    “Alright now… behave or no hunt!” He chuckled watching all three kid’s faces turn to despair and horror.
    “Alright… you have a 10 minute time limit to find as many eggs as you can. Once your phones go off, return to the house. The one with the most eggs can get a special prize, the others will get smaller prizes, so everyone wins. Ok?”

    Brit, Daisy and Reclaimer nodded and waited outside the front door.

    “3…. 2… 1… Start!” Their father called, the three sprinting off as soon as the word was called out.

    Brit had split off from her siblings and dashed over to a bush where she found two eggs and shoved them into her bag. She glanced around and then headed off again.

    -Eight Minutes In-

    Brit had only found an amount of 8 eggs… there were usually an amount of 64… her siblings were probably finding them better than her…

    “Oi! Brit!” Reclaimer’ voice yelled. Brit lifted her head and moved towards the voice.
    She found her brother, but what he held was unusual…

    Instead of the two small eggs, he held up two head sized eggs; each with different patterns.

    “I found these two with more in a clearing… I was going to try and take them all until this dude in a sandy colour ran over hissing at me. I stumbled back, taking the two closest to me. I ran off and looked back to see this strange pale faced man with the other eggs… and he had another really weird friend… looked like a zombie… but eh… I got two cool eggs… and knowing your luck… you have can have one of them…” He explained and held out the eggs, one in each hand.

    Brit studied the eggs carefully; one was black with white markings, the other had a metallic feel to it with a design looking like metal plates. Brit looked at the two again and selected the black egg and pulled it into her arms.

    “This one…” She said with a smile. Reclaimer nodded and placed the metallic egg in his bag.

    “Alright then, Smell ya later Sister!” He grinned and ran off.

    Brit sighed and looked at the egg curiously, not wanting to win the contest. She was rather interested with who or what this large egg contained… that was worth the prize and more.

    Chapter 2
    Brit yawned and sat up, glancing over to her egg; sitting on her desk surrounded by pillows. Yes she gave it all her pillows… it was worth it after getting it.
    Their father was surprised by the sight of the two eggs and joked about eating them; which caused Brit and Reclaimer to run off freaking out with their eggs in their arms.
    Daisy managed to calm them down after some time and they returned back to the house.

    It had been a week since the discovery, Brit moved out of her bed and moved to her desk, picking up the egg and walked to the stairs. She passed her sister’s room where she heard an attempt of Daisy trying to play the recorder… well let’s say she could do it once… but not again…
    She glanced down to her egg. “I’m glad you can’t really hear that…” She chuckled softly and went down the steps. She found the TV blaring to itself. Dad must of got it finally working… Now Daisy won’t moan about missing her ‘gossip’. Brit rolled her eyes and sat on the floor and looked at the egg more.

    “-Seems to be a trace of missing eggs-“She heard and looked up.

    “A week today, a thief broke into Lalna’s laboratory and stole a number of eggs; disappearing without a trade. The thief is said to look pale faced and in dark clothing. If you have any idea or clues of who this could be, please-“

    “Oi!” Reclaimer said, starting his older sister. He grinned slightly.

    Brit sighed and looked over. “What do you want, Rec?” She questioned.

    “Some of my friends found eggs too…” He stated. “I think some of yours have too… from what Daisy has heard in the village while trading.”

    Brit looked to her brother, pouting. “Well… says here that they were stolen… Maybe the thief went back to try and take more of the eggs and people got them in a different way…” She muttered.

    “Oh yeah! That wasn’t what I was going to talk to you about!”

    “Oh yeah, then what?”

    “I like trains” He grinned. Then all of a sudden, this light brown/ grey thing jumped on his head and purred. It had somewhat wheels instead of feet and a funnel sticking out.

    “Twains!” It cried happily. Brit went bug-eyed and stared at Reclaimer and the thing currently sitting on his head.

    “I-is that from…?” She stuttered. Reclaimer nodded.

    “Yep! My egg hatched when I was helping dad sort out the TV.” He grinned. Brit then sighed.

    “What else does it mean then?”

    “My egg hatched before yours! I win A+!” He laughed. Brit groaned and looked to her egg.

    “Well I’m glad that I get to take time with my egg!” She retorted.

    “I believe this is a Benjpup… from what it said from the news… Like the Yogscast member Benji?” Reclaimer asked. Brit shrugged.

    “I guess… I dunno…”

    “Choo Choo!” The creature went again. Reclaimer nodded.

    “Yeah Benj! We’ll see the trains today! Well, see ya Brit!” He grinned and went off with Benjpup.

    Brit looked back to her egg. She wondered how many other eggs had hatched, and who was looking after them…

    Chapter 3
    Brit curled up in bed, for some reason; she wasn’t actually bothered about getting up. She had vast dreams of people living above her world… In some magical realm… which could be true but eh… sounds cool as heck! Her nose twitched and she felt someone lifting her hair.

    “Rec… not now… I’m dreaming…” She grumbled. Yet again, her hair lifted up. Then… she felt a weight jump onto her head; her eyes snapped open and looked left. This beast was on her; about the size of her head, but looking thin in comparison for looking sideways. It was made up of two colours… similar to a electrical warning wire… Yellow on the outer edge and black in the middle. Golden eyes gazed at her and purred. Brit’s eyes widened and she jumped up, though catching the creature as it swung forwards onto her bed.
    It chirped happily and waved it’s tiny limbs.

    “Again again!” It- I mean… He purred. Brit shook her head.

    “Not yet little fella… Umm…” She started and looked to her desk. As she had thought, the egg hatched. Shell pieces laid over her desk… wait… what happened to her computer?!
    The machine had been broken into… and it seemed like the insides was been drain.
    She turned to the creature, which looked away innocently.

    “You wouldn’t have to know who did this right.” She asked. The yogpet looked away.

    “Nope!” It peeped. Brit puffed out her cheeks and sighed.

    “I know it was you… but next time… tell me if you are hunger, fella!” She told him and petted it’s head… the best she could. She could feel the static in the air.

    “You seem to be the electrical type of Yogpet…”

    “Yup! Tripup!” He said, somewhat bouncing in the girl’s hands. Brit grinned and nodded.

    “I guess… when you are older… you can decide your name… Since you are a being I guess!” She chuckled.

    “I think this is going to be something good…” Brit grinned, petting the Tripup.

    “Yup!” He purred. Brit’s hair started to float up again and she sighed. “I think this is going to be a regular thing…”


    “Don’t answer it so happily!”
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