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    Cyborg's Challenge Chapters Empty Cyborg's Challenge Chapters

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    Chapter 1: The Egg:

    She dropped from the clouds as she finally got her visual below. Ever since the ‘Old World’ had been destroyed one night Ridge had kept his eyes on the activities of both Lalna and Sjin, who had caused the destruction, adding in Rythian later when he realised the mage was also becoming powerful enough to wreck the world if he so chose. Recently Lalnas’s signal had been busy with Thaumcraft, yet every night he journied to a small island off the coast of the biome he’d set his magic lab in and the readings that had been coming in had been… puzzling. Last night Ridge decided it was time to intervene and he’d chosen to send down her, the Predicted Cyborg, to get a better but quiet look. He’d chosen her because she had a built in camera in her cybernetic eye but secretly she wondered if he knew just how much the scientist interested her. On those nights when the ModMob snuck out of the castle to go spy on the residents of the world below, she often hovered around his castle, protected by its forcefield bubble. She didn’t know why she had this interest, she knew that if he ever managed to catch her she’d likely be dismantled by his curious, fact-seeking brain… but maybe she liked danger.

    She softly landed on the ground and walked forward towards the door hidden in the side of the hill to mark this little outpost of his. No torches lit the outside but that wasn’t unusual, he was a paranoid man and had good reason to be even if the mage and him had made a pact of non-aggression a few weeks back… She walked forward and gently rested a hand on the door… it swung open easily and that’s when her brain began to run a ‘confused mode’. Surely he’d have locked it? Could it be a trap?

    “Best be ready just in case…” she muttered to herself, donning her purple power tool. It had a plasma gun attachment now, that was hazardous to structures but not to people…

    Not that the scientist would know that.

    She entered inside the hillock and began to quietly descend the ladder, thanking her gods that she’d given her cybereye night-vision too. Sure, it was a strange purple, but it was better than not seeing anything at all. She hit the bottom of the ladder and turned to see… a hollowed out cavern that was… empty? She felt her ‘confused mode’ tick up a notch and shook her head, before engaging her camera eye.

    “I’ve reached the location,” she muttered aloud. “Only it seems to have been… deserted? Were we too late?”

    She pulled out a torch and held it aloft to get a better clearer view, and thus it became apparant that the scientist had cleared the place out in a hurry. Papers were scattered across the floor, tables were arranged haphazardly around the room and the place had a general air of someone having run around it very quickly. She swore quietly.

    “We need to find out how he keeps doing this!” she muttered, walking forward sure that there were no tripwire or hidden pressure plates to avoid.

    She ventured through a door on the far side of the room and found it filled with machinery, which she examined closely for the video she was still filming. Eventually it registered there was no more video memory left and she shut it off, with a sigh.

    “What were you up to I wonder?”

    It was then that she saw the tall cylindrical glass tubes, all empty except… one. She walked closer to it, unable to make out what filled it until she held the torch to it and saw floating in a strange viscious liquid… an egg. Its surface was a bright green and she saw, to her alarm, the symbol often used to symbolise nuclear weapons emblazened on its side.

    “Oh please no!” she cried. “Not again! I need to get this back to Ridge, now!”

    She looked around the controls to see if there was some way to drain the tube of the liquid and losing her patience instead turned and punched a hole through the glass with her Power Tool, floating up above the floor as it was engulfed in the sticky goo. It was then that the alarm went off…


    She looked around quickly as the room began to flash red and yellow, then quickly flew forward, smashing the hole in the tube bigger before scooping out the egg. She then looked down to see that the door had sealed itself.

    “Oh no you don’t,” she grinned, turning up to the ceiling and recharging her Power Tool’s plasma gun.

    The night’s still air was ripped as she used the plasma weapon to burrow up to the surface, leaving a hole in the roof of Lalna’s hidden facility as she flew off up to the clouds again, egg under her arm.

    So much for just taking a quiet look at the place…

    Chapter 2: Suddenly, a Hatching!:

    As she flew through the night air Cyborg bit her lip slightly. What if what she’d picked up was a new sort of nuke? They thought after the incident at Blackrock he’d learned… Of course, there was a chance it wasn’t actually a weapon, but probably better to be safe than sorry. Either way, she’d have to go back and fix his roof later…

    At first she thought she’d just imagined it, but when the item jolted again she realised that if this was a weapon, it was somehow coming alive! She stopped in mid-air, grabbing the egg-shaped item with both hands and watching it jolt and suddenly she was hit with another thought. What if this wasn’t a weapon but was an actual egg? Oh christ, it was hatching!

    “What…? Ahh!!” she muttered as she looked around the nearby mountains for a safe place to set down.

    Too steep, too low, valley below with a bit of desert going between the two peaks and… oh no! The egg gave a particularly violent jerk and suddenly it was cartwheeling through the air towards the low peak, it’s sides pockmarked with caves. She dived after it, wondering how an egg could build up such momentum so quickly. In the dark she hadn’t seen the oil spurt that poured over the side of the mountain to pool at the bottom and she swore quietly as the egg landed in it, floating towards the edge of the mountain. She got down quickly and picked the egg up before it disappeared over the edge for good and sighed.

    “Good thing you didn’t land on the rocks, I don’t know if you’d have survived such a… HEY!” she tried to grab the egg as it jolted violently again out of her arms.

    It began to roll down the side, bouncing as it hit the rocks, Cyborg scrambling after it and flinching every time it hit. Eventually it dropped down into the mouth of a cave, hitting the bottom with a very loud CRACK! Cy slowly hovered down into the cave, before pulling out a piece of Nytor that Sejii had given her and she kept for emergencies. Lying in front of her were the shards that had made up the shell of the egg in a slightly oily puddle.

    “No… please, no!” she cried, bending down to move the shards aside. “Oh god, it’s broken! But… shouldn’t there have been something inside…?”

    Suddenly she became aware of a slight clicking noise and looked to the side, following the sound. Climbing up the wall was a strange small creature, about the size of the egg. Most of it’s round body was black, with four stubby insectoid limbs on either side of it, the top of it’s head opening up onto a slightly glowing green section that made it look as if the black parts of it were a peel that had already been stripped back from the top of its head. The nuclear symbol from its egg was stamped upon its head and two thin green eyes blinked as it explored the cave walls.

    “Hey?” Cyborg tried, slowly approaching it. “Hello? Did you come from the egg?”

    The little creature stopped, turning its round body around slowly on its eight legs to stare at her. It hissed and then launched itself at her and she jumped back in surprise as it sailed past her. She turned round to see that it was preparing itself for another leap… but behind it she could see the red eyes of an angry zombie approaching the little creature.

    “Down!” she cried, running forward.

    The creature ducked as she jumped over it and drew her steel sword, hitting the zombie down a hole with the Knockback II enchantment on it. She waited and heard the satisfying crack as the undead mob died upon impact with the floor below. She breathed a sigh of relief.

    “That was close,” she sighed. “Hey, are you okay little…?”

    She looked round to where the little insectoid creature had been, but then felt something rubbing against her leg and looked down to see it rubbing itself against her leg like a cat, even purring like one. She smiled and bent down to pick it up.

    “What was he doing?” she muttered to herself. “Oh well, I guess you’re with me now little guy. I’ll consider you a reluctant gift from Lalna himself… hopefully he won’t want you back…”

    “B-back! Back!” the little creature suddenly chirped somehow, its eyes showing how content it currently was.

    “… Oh god, he made you able to talk too,” she muttered, walking towards the exit of the cave with the creature safely snuggled against her. “That brilliant, crazy man… speaking of crazy men… oh god, how on earth do I explain you to Ridge?”

    “S-s-‘Spain!” it chirped back at her.

    “Yeah, I’ve got a lot of that to do when I get back home…”

    Chapter 3: Egg? What egg?!:

    She didn’t quite know what had gotten her up that night, just… a feeling. Maybe one of ‘natural psychic feelings” that her race was meant to have gotten all the time in their past… abilities that were all too often drowned out nowadays by the noise of modern convenience and thus ridiculed as silly elfling tales. Not that Sejii was that cynical about such abilities, less so now since becoming part of the ModMob. As she quietly walked down the high-ceiling’d corridor outside her room something told her to go left, go through the door to the room they often called ‘the Common Room’ although no one could quite remember why. It was really just a room with TVs and game consoles and all sorts of ways for them to waste their time when Ridge didn’t need them for anything. She slowly opened the door and immediately saw the pile of clothing left by the sofa and sighed angrily. How many times had she told…?

    Hold on. That pile was… oddly shaped. She quickly walked forward and used an empty stacked chip can to move the dirty clothing aside… revealing a blue-greyish egg, criss-crossed with darker grey lines. She picked it up and held it up to better examine it… it certainly felt real enough. This was no dream…

    “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” she muttered, scowling at the egg…

    Cyborg’s journey back had been a slow and at times frustrating one. Whatever this little thing was, he just wouldn’t stay still (she’d long since decided it must be a ‘he’). Eventually he’d broken free of her restraining arms and tumbled to the ground, almost giving Cyborg a short-circuit. Fortunately he’d landed in the ocean safely, his small light body bobbing on top of the water as he almost skated to the shore with his stubby legs. As Cyborg descended she saw it scitter towards where a zombie had slipped and fallen, killing itself. The rotten flesh it’d left behind was rapidly devoured by the bug.

    “No, don’t eat… eww,” she muttered as she landed next to him and he gave a tiny belch.

    “Mmmm!” he muttered, his eyes once again settling into happy mode.

    “I guess you were hungry…” she sighed, as he came back to her and climbed back up into her arms. “Hope that stuff doesn’t give you a stomach ache although… I guess you might be able to handle it? I wish you could understand me a bit better.”

    “Food good,” he muttered. “Full now…”

    “Although you are learning fast,” she laughed, as the little creature snuggled against her again. “Wonder if you’ll grow any bigger… guess I’ll find out. Better sneak you in first though…”

    By the time she’d returned to Ridge’s realm above, it was about the time when everyone was pretty much guaranteed to be asleep. That made the sneaking in part easier she guessed. She looked down at her little friend.

    “If you understand me, please don’t make a peep until I tell you it’s safe to,” she said, looking into its green eyes. “We might get in trouble if you don’t listen. Got me?”

    It blinked once in understanding and she smiled at him, before holding him as close as she dared as she entered the castle. She closed the doors softly behind her and floated up the middle of the entrance hall, past corridors until she reached the level mid-way up that was reserved for the ModMob. Ridge had let them have the entire floor, to do with as they wanted. Although a bit crazy and sometimes self-obsessed, he could be a very generous man to his friends and his allies. Of course, he demanded their aid in return which none of them had ever begrudged giving back in exchange for their new life together. Cyborg felt slightly guilty about keeping her new friend from him, but there was plenty of space on this level to house him, and she’d tell Ridge when she felt the time was right to do so. She also knew eventually she’d have to tell her friends about their new level inhabitant but… again, not until she was sure the little guy wasn’t going to try and attack them as he had originally done her. She landed on the wooden balcony and pushed her way through the door onto the main corridor that circled their floor. Quiet as she was she still didn’t hear the elf approaching her and they almost crashed into one another as they came round a corridor. They both froze for a second, shocked, before bursting into a round of quick denial.

    “I’m not hiding anything!” Cyborg cried, quickly scooting the spider-creature behind her back, making him give an indignant click.

    “Me either, egg? What egg?!” Sejii cried back.

    “I… hold on!” Cyborg said, puzzled. “An egg?”

    Sejii bit her lip and then slowly and reluctantly showed Cyborg the egg she’d just picked up in the Common Room. Cyborg gently stroked its side before shaking her head. “So he has made more!” she muttered. “This is… confusing. How on earth did he get it up here without any of us seeing him?”

    “What?” Sejii asked, confused.

    “Remember when Ridge told me to check on Lalna’s activities?” Cyborg said. “Well…”

    At this point her pet had had enough and broke free, climbing up Cyborg’s back and onto her shoulder. Sejii gave a gasp when she saw him, hugging her egg close.

    “Yeah… I think he’s been making creatures,” Cyborg sighed. “I still don’t know what for though.”

    “Oh, I did find a letter with this one,” Sejii said, reaching in her pocket and pulling out a scroll. “I’ve not read it yet though…”

    Cyborg took it and unfurled the paper, holding it up so all three sets of eyes could read it.

    Greetings residents of the realm of Ridgedog,
    I know you’ve been watching me, but this time don’t be alarmed. My latest experiment has been purely to create life instead of taking it as you seem to think I do all the time. I took genetic samples from as many residents as I could and made these eggs… Take care of this egg, I want to see what one of these beings turns out like living up there above the actual world as opposed to the majority who shall reside down here with various people in the sub-dimensions connected to our world.
    I might want to come back one day to see the results… but raise it however you see fit, new caretaker(s) of my work.


    “So, he’s using us for an experiment to see how his new creatures evolve in different places?” Sejii asked.

    “Seems that way,” Cyborg shrugged. “In which case…” and she looked over at her spider-friend on her shoulder. “I wonder where he was originally going to put you?”

    Sub-Chapter 1: In My Heart Forever:

    She couldn’t have been asleep too long since getting back to her room. Her audio sensors registered something though and she rolled over as she blearily came out of her sleep mode. What was that noise? It sounded like… whimpering? She opened up her organic eye to try and see if she could locate the source of the sad noise.

    The room she occupied for sleep was of a decent size and in the corner of the castle’s built boundaries; its shape being almost square but with a corner missing, giving it five walls, one which held the door and its frame being very short and diagonal. Her furniture was strewn about, none of it standing right against the wall making the room seem almost unfinished. Boxes filled with items lay piled up everywhere and in one of the corners near the door was a bag full of snackfood items and drinks. It wasn’t to everyone’s taste sure, but somehow Cyborg had never been very good at settling in one place and even some nights found herself going to bed in another spare bedroom just for a change. She blamed the fact that she’d left her own world many months ago and then had spent a lot of time hopping between different server worlds before Ridgedog found her… she knew that she’d found her place in the world but at night the doubts returned to plague her… Still when she’d brought her little friend into the room earlier he’d seemed very happy with the decor, immediately leaping from her arms to scuttle around on his little legs and explore all the nooks and crannies to hide in. When she’d gotten into bed though she’d felt his weight settling at the end of her bed and she’d opened her organic eye a bit to see that he slept with all his legs tucked under him. Now though… his weight was gone.

    “Hmmmm… Hmmm…”

    There was that high-pitched whimpering again. Cyborg activated her cybereye and sat up, looking in the direction of the sound. She saw her little friend sitting on the cushion of the windowseat looking out over the garden below through the old-fashioned tall window.

    “What’s wrong?” she asked.

    He gave a start, and quickly turned himself round, looking slightly… guilty? His eyes hadn’t really changed shape that much but somehow she just… knew. She got up and went to sit with him, lifting him onto her lap to stroke him.

    “Come on, what’s wrong?” she whispered to him.

    “… Bad,” he whimpered. “I… scary evil bad?”

    She blinked. “Where on the Realm did you get that idea?”

    He pointed one of his frontmost legs at an open book on the floor, obviously in the night he’d gotten bored and had pulled it out of one of the boxes nearby. The book was one of her many journals about her days spent here in the Realm of Ridgedog, and by sheer misfortune it happened to have fallen open on one of the pages in which she’d vented her feelings about nuclear weapons. She’d seen the bombs destroy so many, so much… And even now in the lands below with the ‘Yog inhabitants’ the aftermath of a nuclear explosion still caused tensions among the residents. She herself had visited Lalna that night when Blackrock had been vapourised, on a job. Knowing that he’d forget the encounter she’d felt free to lay into him about how stupid he’d been, how he’d done himself no favours in the little dispute he had with the Endermage. It was the only time she’d ever felt anything but a liking for the scientist… The second page was topped by a quick doodle she’d done, a nuclear symbol on a vividly green background. She sighed and cuddled him.

    “You’re not bad,” she said. “Nothing is really an evil thing, no one is really evil… it’s what you choose to do that determines whether you are good or bad.”

    “Venopup don’t want be evil…”

    Cyborg smiled softly. So, he’d finally decided to tell her what he called himself. She caressed his ridges around his softly glowing centre.

    “You’ll never be,” she said. “I’ll never leave you alone long enough to let anything bad happen to you little Nyx…”

    “Nyx?” he blinked up at her.

    “That’s who you are, you are Nyx,” she replied. “I took your egg from your creator’s laboratory because I was afraid that you might be a dangerous weapon, another thing that could be used to cause harm intentionally or not…”

    “Ooohhhhhh…” Nyx seemed to deflate.

    “But then you hatched. You showed your will to survive, to be known as your own little life.” she held him up slightly so his legs dangled in midair. “You weren’t originally supposed to be with me, but you are now. I’m not going to leave you behind, or abandon you because of how you look or what you might be. Maybe you do have nuclear capabilities somewhere deep inside, but I can help you make sure that you use them in ways that can only help the world and not destroy it. Just because you might be born of chaos, doesn’t mean that you can’t be good. Doesn’t mean that we can’t channel your chaos into more fun forms… that’s the underlying theme of everyone in this place anyway. Ridge is his own brand of chaos, and we are his helpers… you can be too if you want. He takes in all kinds of strays, of those shunned or seperate and he makes us belong.”

    Nyx clicked a little unsurely, and so Cyborg hugged him close again, feeling the points of his legs against her top. She gently kissed his glowing core.

    “No matter what happens, no matter who gets in our way, I won’t stop caring about you,” she whispered to him, she felt him start sobbing like any little child would. “You’ll always be in my heart Nyx, I promise…”

    Sub-Chapter 2: Becoming Brothers:

    The morning had started early for Cyborg as Nyx had woken her up with his whimpering, causing her to sit up in alarm fearing that he was still feeling down about the things they’d spoken about last night. However it’d only turned out that the little Venopup was hungry and after pulling on her black trousers, crisp white blouse and slipping her tie on around her neck but not tightening it, she’d picked him up and begun the journey downstairs to the kitchen. She’d found Sejii there as the only other person up and they’d had a small talk about what the consequences of Lalna’s being able to get in and leave an egg could be. Cyborg didn’t want to believe that the scientist had any malicious intentions but… he could be unpredictable. As she watched Nyx scuttle around the walls, eating the cobwebs from the corners (really, no one in this place enjoyed cleaning so often left it til they couldn’t bear the dust anymore) Sejii had returned, demanding to know why ‘it’ could fly. When Cy had turned around she’d seen a purple bat-like thing fluttering weakly behind the elf. The other egg had obviously hatched just as expected… what hadn’t been expected by any of them was what Nyx did next. He suddenly launched at the other pet with a hiss, similar to how he’d first attacked Cyborg. Sejii and the other pet dodged the Venopup’s pounce but the purple bat went bouncing to the floor, obviously scared out of his tiny mind. As Nyx climbed the wall again and pounced towards it, Cy stepped forward and caught him in mid-air taking him from the room.

    “What was that all about?” she demanded, as she set him down on an ornate sidetable in the entrance hall.

    Nyx clickled angrily. “No want replaced. Nyx badder than purpley.”

    Cyborg sighed. “I told you last night, I care about you. The creature in there belongs to my friend Sejii, and she cares for it like I do you.”

    Nyx turned away slightly, clicking sulkily.

    “Besides,” Cy tried, smiling. “I bet that little baby in there will adore you too if you become its big brother.”


    “Yupyup,” Cyborg grinned. “That’s when you take care of your younger sibling, teach them all you know and make sure they don’t come to any harm. It’s a good way to make sure you’ve a friend for life Nyx. Someone who from the get-go never sees the ‘bad’ that others do and only ever sees the ‘good’. You understand?”

    Nyx seemed to be thinking, before turning back to Cyborg.

    “Nyx big brother!” he declared determinedly, before putting the tip of one of his frontmost legs to his shell under his right eye. “I look after. Teach.”

    “Good,” Cyborg replied before offering her hand to him. “Come on, you can’t possibly be full from just eating webs… and you’ve a little brother to begin building your ‘good’ with.”

    Chapter 4: Welcome to the World Pups!:

    “RUN FOR IT!”

    Cyborg dashed for the door, grabbing a pup under each arm as she ran. Sejii was already at the door, pulling it open and as Cyborg passed her the elf followed close behind her friend as they ran full pelt for the edge of the realm. As they came to the edge Cy, quickly passed the Tobipup to his owner and leapt off, allowing herself to fall down towards Minecraftia. She heard Sejii following her and they began the fall down to the world below. They didn’t fly as they knew that if they did, they’d likely have their ‘god abilities’ revoked and splatter on the ground below. At least this way was safer, even as they felt the abilities being taken from them; the realm was above a deep lake that the ModMob had dug out especially for these sorts of escapes, they’d done this several times before. Ridge was their leader, their caretaker, their boss… but he wasn’t above playing with or punishing his helpers if he felt they deserved it or was bored. And given what had just happened… yeah. They weren’t getting back into the realm for a day or so at least…

    They all hit the water hard, and the two girls kicked their legs to surface with their pups. As they pulled themselves onto land, Sejii looked upwards to the place where she knew the realm hid way above the cloud layer.

    “I hate it when this happens,” she muttered, before holding her Tobipup up to look him in the eye. “What happened?”

    “Nyx did! Nyx did!” the Tobipup squeaked.

    “Nyx do nothing,” the Venopup hissed. “Nyx just think… I try say hello. Boss man frighten us…”

    Cyborg sighed. “I was going to introduce you to him later, we wanted to… control it. You two are among a group of new creatures in this world and I think he was… just surprised. Just promise me you didn’t do anything beyong startle him…”

    Both of the pups looked anywhere but their owners and they both sighed.

    “Guess we’d better think about what we’re going to do until Ridge lets us back,” Sejii said.

    “At least it was in the morning, we’ve a lot of time yet to find shelter,” Cyborg replied. “We can show these two the world that we observe and interfere with.”

    Sejii laughed and nodded, staanding up and taking her pup to a nearby tree. Cy watched her curiously while still sitting by the lake with Nyx in her arms.

    “Flight practice,” Sejii declared, placing the Tobipup on a low branch and moving away from the tree slightly. “Think you can fly to me and back to the branch?”

    “Fu’ yeah!” squeaked the pup, bouncing on the branch.

    Sejii held out her arms and the little Tobipup launched himself at her, flapping his wings furiously. He began to fall just as he reached his owner and she caught him.

    “Good first try, let’s try again,” she said, setting him back on the branch and backing away as the pup began to whine. “Come on I’m just here, you can do it.”


    “Can,” Sejii said. “Come on.”

    The Tobipup tried again, but this time just fluttered straight to the ground. Cyborg finally stood up to come see as Nyx escaped her grasp and scuttled over to sit the other pup up.

    “I don’t think he’s quite able to fly yet,” Cyborg said to her friend.

    “No harm in practicing though,” Sejii replied, going over to pick her pup up and cuddle it to stop its whimpers. “If only there was some way to get him used to being in the air without the risk of crashing.”

    “Hm…” Cy thought.

    “Nyx has idea!” and the little Venopup was up the tree spinning thread quickly.

    They watched as he tied together some venomless silk together to make a rough harness suspended from the branch. Sejii grinned.

    “That’ll work,” she said, popping her pup into it. “Okay, now flap. Concentrate on making them long strokes instead of just… fast frantic flapping this time okay.” And she took hold of each wing, moving them slowly up and down in long even strokes. “Like this, see?”

    The Tobipup squeaked as he began to move his wings with her, following her grip first of all then continuing it as she let go. All the while Nyx hovered above them in the tree, watching curiously.

    “Wishing you could fly?” Cyborg asked him.

    Nyx shook his body intensely and clicked nervously.

    “No no,” he clickled. “No no, Nyx have enough falling for one day…”

    “Yeah, sorry about the dramatic exit,” Cyborg muttered. “It’s just… best to give Ridge room sometimes when he’s in certain moods. That was… one of them. You’ll get used to it, I promise.”

    Nyx gave a shudder which made Cyborg think that he doubted that would ever happen. She frowned, then put her hand out to him.

    “Come on, I’ve yet to introduce you to my favourite way to cross the map when we’re not powered up,” she said. “You’ll like it, I promise.”

    He stared at her hand for a second before coming to it and climbing up her arm to settle on her shoulder. Cy turned to Sejii who was still watching her Tobipup.

    “I’m going for a jump,” she said. “I’ll be back soon, I just want to give Nyx a taster.”

    “Nah, I’ll join you in a moment,” Sejii said before grinning. “So don’t go too far, we don’t want to lose each other.”

    “Nah I’ll only go as far as the rubber grove over the lake,” Cyborg replied. “See you there!”

    She walked away from her friend and towards a hill, as she did Nyx caught sight of a group of people nearby. Humans mingled with testificates, eleves, dwarves and all kinds of sentient species and they all seemed to be awfully riled at something.

    “Ignore them Nyx,” Cy whispered to her pet. “They’re not worth staring at.”

    “Who they?”

    “Just the anti-Ridge commitee,” Cyborg replied. “They don’t think that Minecraftia or its joining sub-worlds needs overseers… they think we spend all our time plotting ways to play with the inhabitants of the world. i mean, we do sometimes but that’s normally just Ridge and we maintain this world’s balance too.” Cyborg scowled. “They don’t see that if we weren’t here the world would be a crater by now… we do so much they never know about…”

    “Cy mad?”

    “Just minor irritation, nothing to be worried about,” Cyborg said as she began to climb up the hill. “Now, I want you on my back, settle yourself between my shoulder blades, front two legs on either side of my neck.”

    Nyx complied, slipping himself quickly into place. He peered over her shoulder but she put a hand up.

    “Just hold on tight okay?” she said. “I promise I won’t let you fall.”

    Nyx had just a second to register the word ‘fall’ before Cyborg leapt forward, her legs powerful and propelling her far over the edge of the cliff they’d been standing at. As she landed the Shock Absorbers in her invisible powersuit boots absorbed the shock and the Jump Boost in the legs pushed her into another far-reaching high leap, causing Nyx to squeal.

    “Just hold on!” Cyborg shouted back to him. “You’ve got a good hold in those little legs of yours. Just… feel the air rushing past you… the thrill of almost flying… this is my favourite way of travelling about anywhere.”

    Nyx clung harder to Cyborg’s blazer, unsure about this but as time went by and he got used to the motion of Cyborg’s leaps he began to find it… enjoyable. He opened his eyes and caught sight of the land ahead of them, spread out like a picture and so… beautiful. This was the land they lived over? No wonder they thought it worth looking after.

    “Better yet?” Cyborg asked him.

    Nyx let out a happy set of clicks and Cy laughed. Suddenly she saw something coming for them and on her next ground hit, leapt to one side, avoiding the laser easily. Nyx clung to her back as she landed safely on top of a tree, looking for her attacker. She didn’t have to look hard, as he too leapt above the trees, then hovered there with his Jetpack.

    “Ah, I wondered when you’d come find me,” Cyborg said to him, crossing her arms defiantly as Nyx cringed behind her. “Hello Lalna.”
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    You have gained +6 Intelligence for posting in this section!

    (Amazing stories btw!)
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    Chapter 5: Information from the Source:

    “Hello Lalna,” Cyborg smirked as the scientist hovered in front of her.

    “Seems I’ve finally caught up with you,” Lalna replied, before landing on another tree, a short distance from her. “Whatever Ridge teaches you, it’s not to have respect for other people’s property is it?”

    “You’re a fine one to talk about property,” Cyborg replied. “Remember Blackrock? I… no wait, you won’t remember what happened after that but still… at least I was going to come back and fix the damage I did to your roof.”

    “You’re avoiding my point.”

    “Like you don’t when you’re caught,” Cyborg grinned back. “Not that I find that a problem. Heh.”

    At this point there was a rustle in the treeleaves behind Cyborg, but she didn’t turn or flinch. She knew it was Sejii and her Tobipup, following as they said they would. Sejii landed in the tree directly next to the one Cyborg stood on top of, glaring at Lalna.

    “What’s going on?” she muttered.

    “Don’t worry, we’re just… talking,” Lalna replied. “I see that my theory was right regarding the egg I left with you though… the height did result in the Tobipup.”

    “You keep away from him,” Sejii spat, holding her pup close.

    “You act like I’m about to steal him away,” Lalna laughed. “I gave him to you lot up there. He’s yours.”

    “You’re not having Nyx either,” Cyborg replied, deciding to get to the point.

    “I’m not going to,” Lalna replied, his voice incredulous.

    “You’re not?” Cyborg replied, sounding confused.

    “While I’m not overly please that you stole the egg from my facility,” Lalna began. “… You did well to get it. Not many have that audacity.”

    “I couldn’t take the chance it was a nuke,” Cyborg sighed, dropping some of her cockiness. “I’m sorry that I had to steal anything from you… and make a hole in your roof.”

    “Well, if you’re going to make a habit of interfering in my work, you might as well learn as much as you can so you don’t mess up my experiment,” and Lalna grinned a challenge at the girls. “Want to come back to my castle so I can tell you everything you should know?”

    Cyborg pretended to think about it, crossing her arms and pacing slightly as Nyx clung tightly to her back, still a bit shaken from the previous attack. “You’re on goggle-boy,” she replied, grinning a challenge back to him.

    Sejii nudged her but Cyborg just poked her friend back, causing the elf to flinch a little before she voiced her thoughts again.

    “I’m not sure we can trust him,” she muttered. “He might say he doesn’t want our pets back but… he’s tricky Cy.”

    “Oh I know he is,” Cyborg replied. “But somehow… it makes going to his even more intriging to me. Besides, he gave you that egg, what sense would there be in his taking your Tobipup back?”

    “Yes but he didn’t give you Nyx…” Sejii whispered.

    “… He can just try to take my Venopup from me,” Cyborg muttered a little angrily.

    “You’re being reckless,” Sejii muttered, shaking her head.

    “But you know that if he did take Nyx from me, I’d do anything to get him back, abilities or no abilities. Besides, the others would help me out too… and so would you. We’re ModMob together and you don’t mess with one of us without angering the others.”

    Sejii paused before grudgingly agreeing that Cy was probably right about that. “I still don’t like this though,” she said, eyeing up Lalna who was waiting for them to finish their conversation with a look of amusement on his face.

    “If we see signs that he’s going to act against us, we’ll leave okay?” Cyborg said. “There’s two of us and our pets against him.”

    “Are you coming or not?” Lalna suddenly asked them.

    “I said yeah,” Cyborg replied, straightening back up. “Lead on sir…”

    As the scientist turned and hopped into the air Sejii sighed.

    “You’d better be right about us trusting him,” she said, as Cyborg leapt forward after him.

    “You called them what>?!”

    Lalna frowned at Cyborg’s smirk as the cybernetically enhanced girl sat on top of one of the nearby roofs, Sejii too was smiling despite herself.

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Cyborg said, waving a hand at the scientist’s irritated expression. “Just thought you’d have thought of something… more than ‘Yogpets’.”

    “They’re pets made from the DNA samples I collected of us ‘Yogscast’ world inhabitants,” Lalna said, in a voice that said that he thought this should be obvious. “What else would I have called them?”

    “No, you’re right,” Cyborg said. “Seriously, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have… laughed.”

    “So, I assume because mine’s called a ‘Tobipup’ it’s made from the sample you got from Toby?” Sejii asked the scientist.

    “Yup. A Toby egg, and like all of my eggs it responds to three different elements,” Lalna said. “The Toby egg’s being Air, Poison and Fire. Since I left it up in Ridgedog’s Realm with you all… the high-altitude resulted in what I theorised: an Air Element Toby Bloodline YogPup!”

    “AKA a Tobipup,” Sejii said.

    “That’s what I said.”

    “So, if Sejii has a Toby egg… err, had a Toby egg, now a Toby pup…” Cyborg said, thinking. “… Just whose DNA was used to make Nyx’s egg?”

    Lalna hesitated before he answered but before he could say a word Cyborg snorted a laugh again.

    “Don’t, your face says it all, though I had my suspicions,” she laughed. “No wonder I’m so attached to Nyx, he’s you in nuclear-spider form!”

    “A Poison element,” Lalna said. “The ones I programmed my egg to respond to were Steel, Shock and Poison… somehow I’d expected to find you with the Steel form, Agipup.”

    “Yeah… there was…” Cyborg looked a bit sheepish, pulling on her right earlobe sub-consciously. “Well, it seemed like his ‘father’ he wanted to be free to explore the world we were flying over.” She laughed. “Of course he wanted to check the natural oil spurt first and then tried to go explore a cave. I think the fall and impact hatched him then.”

    Lalna froze and looked at her with an expression that was a mix of concern and a little anger.

    “You’ve not noticed any problems with him have you?” he asked.

    “No, he seems fine,” Cyborg said, confused. “But then… I wouldn’t know what your average Venopup would be like.”

    “… Let me check him over,” Lalna replied, seriously. “If you’ve damaged my work…”

    “Your work?” Sejii spoke up. “He’s a living thing Lalna. A creature you created. Nyx is perfectly fine.”

    “You don’t know that for sure,” Lalna replied. “Neither of you have seen a Venopup before, much less know anything about them.”

    “Have you ever seen one before either?” Cyborg asked.

    “No, but I made him!” Lalna replied. “That impact could have had a terrible effect on him, he could be slowly dying inside and you wouldn’t know!”

    Cyborg cut off her retort. She didn’t want Nyx to die… maybe she should…

    “Where are the pups anyway?” Sejii asked.


    The three of them suddenly looked upwards to see that somehow Nyx and Tobipup had climbed up to the top of one of the castle’s towers. It was a smaller one but to the pups it must have seemed the size of many mountains. Now they were leaping off the edge, Tobipup on top of Nyx and Nyx’s little legs flailing in the air. Everything seemed to go in slow-motion as they watched the young Tobipup flap with long even strokes as Sejii had taught him… then begin his panicked flailing as he realised that rather than flying they were falling. Cyborg stood up as Nyx let out a shriek of fear.



    Lalna was quicker to react, activating the Jetpack he wore and flying upwards to catch both pups way before they hit the ground. As he came back down to earth with a bump but both pets safe, Cyborg and Sejii approached to take their pets.

    “Oh you silly thing,” Cyborg muttered. “Nyx, why?”

    “Nyx want teach Tobipup dual-attack,” Nyx replied. “We flying web-bombers!”

    “Don’t you think you should have tried to see if he could actually fly carrying you first?” Sejii asked.

    “Tobipup strong!” Tobipup squeaked.

    “Lower height next time, please.” Cyborg sighed, letting Nyx scuttle onto her shoulder. “You almost gave me a short-circuit.”

    Both the girls then looked at each other, giving a nod before reaching out for Lalna’s hands as he recovered from the landing.

    “You saved them,” Sejii said, as he grabbed their hands.

    “Don’t sound so surprised,” Lalna groaned as they pulled him back onto his feet. “I’m not as bad as Rythian makes me out to be.”

    “Nah, you’re not,” Cyborg replied. “Just very reckless sometimes, scientist. Thanks.”
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    Oh man, this is so good!

    Seems I actually owe you a heap more points so you get three INT from each challenge :3
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    Chapter 6: The Attack:

    The sun was setting in the sky as they left the castle, passing quickly through the large door as if they were afraid it’d close on them at any time. The elf led on while her friend followed behind her, both using their Jump Boosts to leap across the land. After a while Cyborg spoke.

    “I’m still wondering if we should just have accepted his invitation to stay Sejii,” she frowned, as Nyx clung to her back. “Only it’s getting quite dark… do you know where you’re going?”

    “Of course,” Sejii shot back. “And you know very well why we couldn’t stay. Why we had to get out of there.”

    “I know, for the sake of our pups,” Cyborg muttered. “It’s just a long way to go in the dusk.”

    “I’m not scared of the dark.”

    “Neither am I, only the things that spawn in it,” Cyborg replied.

    Sejii didn’t reply and they passed the rest of the journey in silence, eventually coming to a large tree that stood in the middle of a jungle, dwarfing even the jungle trees in size and width. Cyborg patted the trunk fondly as Nyx clickled in curiosity.

    “The exotic specimen,” she sighed. “Did you really build a shelter inside it? Ridge’ll be furious if he finds out what use we’ve put one of his imported things to.”

    “His fault for constantly throwing us out,” Sejii replied, feeling around for the button. “Besides, it’s not as if the trunk wasn’t hollow naturally. Perfect frame for a hidey hole.”

    Cyborg nodded and slipped through the door as the elf girl found the button and opened it for them. Inside the thick trunk formed the walls to a single circular room that was as tall as the tree itself. Although there were furnaces, crafting benches and chests in the ground floor room some vines grew down one side of the trunk and led up to a series of wooden platforms that circled round the wooden sides and climbed higher and higher. Cyborg sat down on a wooden chest and breathed a sigh of relief as Sejii entered carrying Tobipup and Nyx detached himself to scuttle up the walls and explore.

    “We’re safe!” Cyborg said happily. “I know that really we could handle the mobs but… I still don’t like spending my time down here without our abilities.”

    “You’re too dependant on them,” Sejii laughed. “Too much time spent playing with item spawns and flying around up there.”

    “Hey, you like those things too Sej.”

    “Yeah but I still remember what it’s like to be an average Minecraftian.”

    “Just you wait,” Cyborg grinned, leaning back against the wall. “You’ll be loving it just as much as the rest of us soon enough. It’s just too much fun to play with our abilties…”

    “Our powers are ours only when Ridge allows it,” Sejii replied, stuffing some raw pork into the nearest furnace. “Which is why remembering how to do this stuff is important.”

    “At least we practice it sometimes when he wants to ‘live as the average do’,” Cyborg noted, thinking back to the time when Ridge had pulled in people from the surrounding sub-worlds and they’d all taken over a village in a quest to build up enough supplies to challenge the Enderdragon.

    They spent the rest of their evening watching Nyx and Tobipup play together, still mainly trying to perfect flying together. The hollow tree gave them more places to launch from and the vines on either side places for their owners to hand from to catch them when Tobipup inevitably ran out of steam. Eventually the pork was cooked and they all hungrily devoured it, sitting round in a circle on the floor. Nyx looked a little put out by the fact the cooked meat wasn’t rotten or in anyway ‘dangerous’ to a creature without his cast-iron digestive system but Cyborg knew that letting the little pup have Rotten Flesh would likely put everyone else off their food. Eventually they were done and Sejii stretched.

    “Sleep would be nice right now,” she muttered, as Tobipup yawned, stretching his head to almost twice his normal size.

    “Agreed, let’s get to sleep everyone,” Cyborg said, going to the vines that led up to the platform she’d put the beds on. “After you Sej.”

    Sejii began to climb, Tobipup loosely hanging onto her back with his wings. Cyborg waited til they were up then took hold of the vines herself, looking round for Nyx to see him sitting on a platform looking out of a hollow knothole at the world outside.

    “You’re thinking about what he said aren’t you?” she guessed.

    “I need to examine your pups! I need to know!”

    Nyx didn’t answer her but she could see that he was still troubled…

    “I made your ‘Nyx’ from my own blood, I’ve a right to examine him! He’s my work! You only happen to be taking care of him now!”

    “Nyx… don’t think about what was said,” Cyborg sighed, as she climbed. “Remember what I’ve said before, you get to define you.”

    “Scientist want Nyx… Nyx not Cy’s?”

    “We’ve been over this, I wasn’t scheduled to have you but I have you now. No one will take you from me if you want to stay with me. Lalna… is a good if reckless man, but he doesn’t really get… connected with anyone. I don’t think he quite understands some sorts of affection,” Cyborg shook her head sadly. “I don’t yet trust him not to try and take you from me.”

    Nyx clickled back at her and she continued her climb.

    “Just come to bed Nyx, I’ll keep you safe,” she said, pulling herself onto the platform.

    She heard Nyx’s legs go as she got into her little temporary bed, Sejii was already in hers, cuddling Tobipup who was squeaking a little sadly.

    “… That man has no social skills sometimes,” Sejii muttered angrily. “He still thinks the Yogpets are nothing more than his experiment…”

    “He’ll realise in time,” Cyborg replied, as Nyx dropped onto the end of her bed. “If I have to I’ll make him realise it.”



    “… You’re too obsessed with him you realise?”

    “I just want to believe that he isn’t as bad as people make out sometimes,” Cyborg sighed, rolling over with Nyx in her arms. “I know what being judged is like, that’s all…”

    Sejii was quiet for a second. “He isn’t being outcast because of the way he looks though.”

    “… I know, but I still want to believe he just wants company.”

    “… He’s not a bad guy, he saved our pups’ lives,” Sejii replied quietly. “But don’t trust him too much Cy. Please.”

    Cyborg wanted to say ‘Never.’ but instead she just closed her eyes and hugged Nyx closer. She decided then… if she had to she wouldn’t go back and see Lalna until she was sure that he didn’t want Nyx anymore or Nyx was big enough to escape if need be.

    “I love you Nyx…”

    The explosion wasn’t the thing that woke Cyborg up, it was the wind as the shrapnel of trunk whipped past her face that activated her danger sensors and forced her into emergency awakeness mode. She rolled out of bed as another explosion widened the hole in the side of the trunk and by that point Sejii was awake too, body tense and a Wand of Fire in her hand.

    “We’re under attack!” Cyborg cried.

    “I can see that!” Sejii shouted back, flinging a flame out of the hole as a shadowy craft passed by it in the air. “Who?”

    “I don’t know!” Cyborg cried, as another explosion rocked the tree in a different place. “We’ve got to get outside though! We need to fight back! No one attacks the ModMob like this, even two of them!”

    Suddenly the craft swung by again and they both ducked, however instead of the explosion they heard two small yells and then a loud CLUNK as something hit the craft. They both looked up to see…

    “You two! Get back… stop that!” Cyborg and Sejii leapt up and ran for the hole for their pups. “You’ll get hurt!”

    “Tobipup brave!”

    The girls leapt from the hole in the tree and fell downwards. The rest of the forest was as it always was, except for an area around the large tree where the craft was slowly hovering around the tree. Tobipup had obviously flown Nyx over to the craft for an assault but the air currents around it had tired his wings and now he was hanging from the craft by a silk rope held by Nyx who was… was he gripping that craft a little bit too hard?

    “Is it just me or does Nyx look terrified?” Cy asked Sejii.

    “They both look scared, we’re under attack!” Sejii replied. “Come on, we need to help them!”

    Cyborg nodded and both girls landed on nearby branches before leaping up to higher ones, climbing towards where the craft was lazily hovering around the tree. As they came to just under the craft the thread holding Tobipup snapped and the little purple creature flew through the air, fortunately into Sejii’s waiting arms. Cyborg braced herself against the tree’s trunk as the craft drifted round, showing that Nyx was still flattened against the hull of the craft, little legs clinging to the shell.

    “Nyx, I’m here, jump!”

    “Too high, too high!”

    “Nyx, you’ll be alright! I’ll catch you!” Cyborg shouted. “Please jump!”

    Nyx just squealed unhappily though and Cyborg prepared to make the leap to try and get her friend herself. But then the craft stopped its lazy drifting and seemed to focus on the two standing on the branches of the tree, they froze and suddenly lights turned on, blinding both of them.

    “Dammit, who is that?!” Sejii cried.

    There was a growing hum from the machine and then with a flash it threw up a light blue barrier, that sent Nyx flying through the air with a cry. Cyborg leapt after him, diving head-first to try and grab her friend as he twisted through the air, his shell smoking a little. Cyborg prayed to Notch that the forcefield hadn’t hurt Nyx too badly. His shell was quite tough but if his core had been burnt…


    Cyborg heard Sejii’s cry above her, the sound whipped from her ears by the wind and then as she got closer to Nyx something slammed into her and sent her reeling through the air and slamming into the side of the grand old exotic tree, forcing her into standby mode. Nyx meanwhile found himself harshly scooped from the air by a large metallic box-claw that closed around him and pulled him back up, causing him to smash into the dark side of the box. As he clickled in anger, pain and fear and righted himself he heard rather than saw that his younger brother, Tobipup was in the box too. They were being taken from their friends… and Nyx scowled.

    “They not take us…” he muttered, making his way to the side.

    He fixed his front four legs to the side of the box and began to bite the side, using corrosive spit to melt a hole in the box. He forced two of his legs forward and knocked away a large panel of the box; sending it cartwheeling to the forest floor, then beckoned to Tobipup.

    “Go, out!”


    “Out! Get out!” Nyx hissed, grabbing the younger pup and forcing him through the hole, causing the other pup to squeak as he caught the edge of one ear on the side and the acid briefly burnt him. “Escape!”

    Tobipup tumbled through the air and Sejii once again grabbed her pup, yelling at Nyx to follow as she felt back to earth from her leap but… Nyx felt too dizzy. So high up…


    Too high! Too scary!

    “Nyx can’t… Nyx can’t!” he cried, and flattened himself to the ground again.

    The last thing he saw as the box was swallowed back up by the craft was the tree, broken and burnt, with Sejii, Tobipup and Cyborg all too far away to help him… and then blackness.

    “…borg! Cyborg!”

    Cyborg came round to Sejii’s frantic calling, and god her head hurt. She sat up in her bed and held it, gritting her teeth.

    “What the hell…?” she muttered. “Sejii?”

    “We were attacked, remember?” Sejii asked. “Whoever sent that craft wanted the pups… and they almost got Tobipup.”

    Cyborg froze, turning slowly to look at Sejii. The elf girl looked away and Cyborg felt her insides turn to ice.

    “They’ve taken Nyx haven’t they…?” she whispered.

    “He got Tobipup out, but… he wouldn’t jump,” Sejii muttered. “I’m sorry.”

    “… Why didn’t I see before that he was scared of heights…?” Cyborg muttered. “Oh god, what do we do? I promised Nyx I’d look after him! Who could have possibly…?”

    She paused when she saw the look on Sejii’s face.

    “You know don’t you?”

    Sejii just handed over a piece of twisted metal, melted around the edges from where Nyx had melted it free of the metal container. Cyborg recognised the symbol on the side.

    “… I told you we couldn’t trust him.”

    Cyborg felt herself tensing up in anger, and her hands clutched the metal so hard that it began to bend slightly. She then flung it away and got to her feet.

    “Come on Sejii, we’re going back to the castle,” she said. “We’ll make him pay for daring to take Nyx back from me!”
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    Chapter 7: Confrontation!:

    The night was still in full swing when the girls reached the castle again. As Cyborg drew her steel sword out, she looked coolly across the plain to their destination. Just as they’d thought, Lalna had raised his forcefield bubble up around his castle. He used to do it every night but since the world move and the ‘pact of non-aggression’ he’d been made to sign with the Endermage, seeing the castle lit up with the blue glow of the forcefield was a bit of a rarity. Seeing it raised now just further confirmed in their minds who the culprit of the night’s attack and kidnapping was.

    “There he is, the little coward,” Cyborg spoke, her words like a knife in the air.

    “Don’t lose sight of reason Cy,” Sejii warned. “I’m as mad as you are but… I know how much it must hurt to have him betray your trust like this. Just don’t overdo it…”

    “Don’t worry,” Cyborg said, stretching her fingers. “I’m going to take out most of my rage on his forcefield anyway… he needs to hear the knocking after all!”

    She leapt forward first, her body language showing that she was ready for a fight if need be. Sejii followed closely behind, her Tobipup safely in her bag on her back, squeaking a little nervously. The elf girl stopped just in front of the mountain the castle was on while Cyborg continued upwards, determined, face reflecting her anger. Reaching the edge of the forcefield she leapt as high as she could, landing halfway up and pushing herself ever upwards by the toes of her shoes until she reached the top. She then paused as she gathered her breath to shout.

    “LALNA!” she shouted, jumping on top of the forcefield as hard as she could and causing it to boom loudly. “LALNA GET OUT HERE!”

    She leapt up again and the sound thundered through the dome, Cyborg leapt up again but just before she landed for a third time the forcefield shimmered away and Cyborg fell through the air towards the castle. She reached out for vines and slowed herself to a stop, hanging from one of the towers. She heard Sejii climbing up the outside of the castle and began searching herself… where was he? Where was that wretched scientist…? She swung herself down to a window ledge as she continued to search and…

    “There!” she heard herself shout as a figure ran from one of the towers onto the bridge connecting it to the one she was now hanging from. “LALNA!”

    The scientist looked up and froze as Cyborg leapt towards him, sword presented. He backtracked as she landed on the bridge in front of him.

    “Where is he?” Cyborg asked, her voice low but dangerous.


    “You heard me, where is he??” Cyborg demanded, as Sejii began to run across the courtyard below. “You took Nyx from me!”

    Lalna blanched slightly. “I didn’t! I’ve not come anywhere near you since you left!”

    “I don’t believe you,” Cyborg replied. “To you Nyx was just an experiment, something for you to examine and test! You never liked that I managed to take his egg from you, so you invited us over then followed us back before taking him! You’ll give him back to me now!”

    With that she charged at the scientist who stood almost as if in shock, as if he couldn’t believe what was happening… it would have gotten him badly hurt if it hadn’t been for the ally he had nearby…

    “Cy, behind you!”

    Cyborg registered Sejii’s yell but too late felt the jolt as something light, warm and feathery hit her from the side, sending her overbalancing and then falling over the side of the bridge to the courtyard below. As she fell Tobipup shot up past her to fight, Sejii leaping her way up to follow. As Cyborg hit the ground there was the sound of a short scuffle, which ended in a loud squawk and a squeak and Tobipup came flying back over the side, Sejii following him to scoop him out of the air and cushion his fall. Lalna leapt over the bridge too and the girls rolled out of the way as he landed where they’d been a moment before, Cyborg got to her feet and approached him but then jumped back as whatever had attacked her before landed between her and Lalna. It was a small white and yellow bird-like ball of feathers and fluff, it sit there giving angry chirps, its three head feathers sparking furiously.

    “You’ve got one too?” she asked.

    “Of course I do! I needed a control!” Lalna replied, scooping up the Yogpet. “This is the Shock form of my bloodline egg… a Volpup. She’s not exactly friendly to people who try to attack me.”

    “You really need two of them?” Sejii asked, from behind him, a stunned Tobipup in her arms.

    “I told you, I didn’t kidnap Nyx!” Lalna replied angrily. “You come bursting in here, giving me a headache by banging on my forcefield while I’m trying to do a damage evaluation, and then accuse me of kidnap? I thought Ridge taught his helpers better than that!”

    “Listen, we were attacked earlier this night by a craft,” Cyborg replied, reaching into her bag. “This was broken off from the container they used to snare Nyx and almost Tobipup too.” She showed him the piece of metal from the box, bearing Lalna’s logo that was shaped like his castle’s sihluoette. “You can see why we thought…”

    “Maybe but…” Lalna sighed. “Look, you’re not the only people who were attacked tonight. After you left someone broke into the lab. They stole a number of things, including a flying vehicle with attached containers and a Poison Gem I’d just finished doing tests on!”

    “They stole a vehicle?” Cyborg felt realisation dawn upon her. “They must have been the same people… they wanted to frame you for the kidnap!”

    “They did a pretty good job,” Lalna muttered as he flew back up to the bridge and the girls followed him.

    “Sorry,” Sejii said. “We just… you seemed to want Nyx back so much earlier.”

    Lalna hesitated for a moment. “I was planning to take him back earlier.”

    “I knew it!”

    “Let me finish!” the scientist protested, then carried on. “But then I saw how close you two were, how much you cared about keeping that Venopup… I thought maybe it might not be such a bad idea to just… let you take care of him. Provided I could check he wasn’t damaged in the fall that hatched him.”

    “He wasn’t, how many times…?” Cyborg protested. “But… sorry we just burst in like this. I was just… so angry…”

    “I understand,” Lalna replied, taking a seat on a chest near a wooden barred pen. “Ever since Clucky here hatched…”

    He tickled the head feathers of the Volpup and it relaxed, beginning to contently and softly cluck on his lap. Hearing the noise a chicken emerged from the little henhouse inside the pen and Clucky began to communicate with her older namesake.

    “But if you didn’t… who did?” Sejii asked.

    “I wouldn’t know,” Lalna replied. “However, the thieves didn’t realise that I track all my creations, living or mechanical. There’s nowhere on Minecraftia they can hide it that I couldn’t find it. What worries me though is what they intend to do with Nyx.”

    “What do you mean?” Cyborg asked. “Is there something you didn’t tell us about him?”

    “No, Nyx is a perfectly normal Venopup,” Lalna said. “But the fact that they stole the Poison Gem from me makes me think they want to force Nyx to eat it.”

    He realised that his audience was staring at him blankly so he explained.

    “A Yogpet doesn’t stay a Pup forever you know, they like all living beings can grow and change,” he said. “Unfortunately the only way I could find to safely control the growth was through special elementally infused gems that I created as byproduct from my Thaumcraft experiments.”

    “So… eating the Poison Gem would cause Nyx to grow to his next level?” Cyborg asked. “Wouldn’t that be a good thing?”

    “Depends on what you want Nyx to become,” Lalna said, before pulling out a drawer filled with different coloured stones and extracting two from the pile. “As well as a Poison Gem, Nyx could also grow through use of a Shock Gem,” he held up a slightly yellow stone that made Clucky look round from her conversation for a second before returning to it. “or the Steel Gem!” and he held up the silvery one. “However, the gem that the thieves took was… well flawed. There was a big kink in it where the flux caused some of it to go bad. I don’t know if using it might have a negative effect on a Yogpet’s evolution or personality… it could turn them wild and untameable to all.”

    Images danced in Cyborg’s head of a giant Nyx with red eyes and fly-like wings causing havoc in a village and spewing poisonous waste across a green land, blackening it as she could only watch… and then an image of Nyx as he’d been while falling through the air during the attack. Nyx as he’d snuggled up to her that first night, terrified of becoming ‘bad’… she couldn’t let that happen to him.

    “No matter what happens… You’ll always be in my heart Nyx, I promise…”

    “Lalna, please, track that craft,” she said. “We’re going to save Nyx before they force him to eat that Gem… we might need your help if you and Clucky are willing.”

    “Tobipup will need a little healing first,” Sejii said.

    “I’ve got potions,” Lalna replied. “Clucky? You want to help me save one of your brothers?”

    A determined chirp was the Volpup’s reply, and so they set about tracking the thieves and forming their plan of rescue…

    “We’re coming Nyx, hold on!”
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    Chapter 8: The Kidnapper Revealed!:

    They leapt from the cliff as their pursuers came after them, chasing them through the valley. Together our group had set off two nights before from the scientist’s castle, tracking the stolen vehicle and hopefully Nyx as well. They had gone by foot as it would be harder to spot hidden caves and openings from the air, no matter how much the scientist complained about having to do things the ‘normal’ way; usually Cyborg wouldn’t have minded the thought of spending time with her favourite Yog inhabitant even with Sejii giving them both her best squint eastwood because of her distrust of the man, but her mind was more worried for Nyx’s well-being during their journey. The end of the first day had ended on a sour note as they located the signal nearby and charged the point only to find… the ship was there but the thieves long gone. Lalna had finally convinced the girls that they should use the ship to catch up and they’d spent the last 24 hours searching the biome the ship had been ditched outside. At last they’d located a hidden facility in the mountains and Cyborg had instantly volunteered to go down and find Nyx. There’d been a little argument between Sejii and Lalna then about who would also go, Lalna eventually giving into the elf girl to appease her doubt that he wouldn’t just fly off as soon as the girls got down. He still looked rather uneasy though as he told Clucky to stay put with Tobipup and Sejii in the ship while he went down to look for Nyx with Cyborg. When they were getting ready to descend she couldn’t resist ribbing him about it.

    “What’s wrong scientist? Scared?”

    “Of course not… I mean… not really…”

    She’d snorted “You’d better not be; this is going to be wild.”

    How funny that confidence seemed now to her! They’d been spotted and now they were fleeing back to the ship, the ladder down beginning to be mobbed by people from the compound. Lalna was ahead of her as they fled but both of them could see that they might have to fight to get back to the craft.

    “Go ahead!” Cyborg shouted. “I’ll hold them back!”

    “You will?” Lalna sounded confused.

    “Yes, now run!” Cyborg cried, before spinning round and donning her power tool.

    She turned a dial up a little and shot off a plasma bolt at the chasing hoards. While they jumped back she took the chance to do the same to the ones approaching the ladder, the bolt flying just shy of Lalna’s head and blowing large craters in the rock and dirt forcing the closing mob backwards.

    “Sorry!” she cried, as she spun back to the chasing group and slowly backed towards the ladder.

    She kept this up, her attention focused on their pursuers… so when she reached for the ladder and found nothing but thin air she thought at first she must have misjudged the distance… it was only when she heard Sejii’s angry shouts and the sound of the engines powering up that she broke gaze and looked up. The ship was lifting up, was he…? He was! She could see Lalna in the cockpit even from here!

    “LALNA!” she shouted.

    Her cry was lost in the gap between her and the craft though and with a sudden whoosh the craft was off, leaving her in the middle of an angry mob. She looked around her at this hopeless situation and gulped.

    This was not going to end well…

    As she was led down to a prison area by her tie, her hands bound in front of her she scowled. How dare they treat her like this? How dare they treat her tie like this? Did these people have no sense of style? No respect for classy neckwear? As she was shoved backwards into a cell carved from the rock and shut inside, she could tell that honestly… they didn’t.

    “God, at least Ridge lights his cells up,” she muttered, frowning at the cold cavern surrounding her and the rusted bars that looked hammered and forced into the rock. “These people have no style at all!”

    “I’d watch your mouth down here you false godling, you’re not the one in control this time.”

    She turned at the voice, hearing someone else approaching and she drew herself up as much as she could. She’d been taught classiness and style by her friends from the CaF subworld and by Ridgedog too, taught to appear unflustered and calm. As a classy ModMobian, she would not let these dogs fluster her. When she saw the man who the voice belonged to she just gave a smirk.

    “Of course, I should have guessed it’d be you,” she scoffed. “You people can’t leave well enough alone can you? Bad enough that you oppose Ridge, but now you’re moving into thievery and kidnap too now?”

    “We will free the world of your master’s tyranny scrapheap,” the man laughed. “And ironically the very weapon we will use to do it was taken from you… that little creature will be very useful once we force it to change to its next stage…”

    “That Venopup is not yours,” Cyborg said, speaking very quietly. “I would suggest you release both of us before you find yourself in a war you cannot win. Ridge isn’t known for forgiving and he has passed that onto his ModMob. You cannot win against us with our powers…”

    “For someone with ‘powers’ you sure seem to be very powerless right now,” the leader grinned at her. “Did your master throw you and the elf out of ‘paradise’ again? A cruel master indeed, why do you continue to serve him?”

    “That’s not something you would understand,” Cyborg replied. “For all you people understand is power and brute force… nothing of subtleties or of connection forged between people.”

    A pause. “You are a fool… you deny the chance to escape your shackles to the false god?”

    “Ridge is no false god.”

    “Then you will fall along with him, you and your fellow godlings…” the leader spat, before walking away.

    “Where are you going?” Cyborg shouted after him. “No more to say?”

    “Not to you,” the man paused before the door and grinned nastily at her. “Even if you won’t listen to reason… I can force your creature to bend to my will!”

    “Leave Nyx alone!” Cyborg hissed, but the man carried on through the door. “Hey! Are you listening to…? Dammit…”

    She backed into the cell and leant against the far wall, sliding down it into a sitting position appearing every inch the worried and defeated young woman…

    “‘Godlings’? Is that what they’re really calling us now?!”

    … She grinned into her lap. Right on cue.

    “Seems so Sejii,” she replied, feeling the blows of a pickaxe from the other side of the stone wall. “Hope you didn’t have trouble parking.”

    Lalna’s snort came through the wall clearly. “Finding somewhere without being spotted again was like threading spider string through a needle at top speed… I hope you found out what you wanted to know with this little charade.”

    “Oh of course,” Cyborg grinned. “Come on, get me out of here quickly. We’ve got a pup to save!”
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    Cyborg's Challenge Chapters Empty Re: Cyborg's Challenge Chapters

    Post by PredictedCyborg on Tue May 07, 2013 12:57 pm

    Chapter 9: The Rescue:

    They had come to see the world together. It was so beautiful down here, so green, so lush… detailed and magnificent. He still remembered opening his eyes for the first time while they flew through the air, controlled by his friend’s experience and skill at travelling this way. He could see the ocean far in the distance, the rivers, the trees, the animals, the mountains, the grass… the world that he’d been brought into and now would help to look after with his friend and his little brother. He wanted to protect this world if he could. His first experience of people hadn’t been that bad either. That strange man with the goggles seemed… familiar to him. Despite being a people and not a ‘Yogpet’ as the man classified the little brother and him, their souls inside were alike. Curious, fascinated… and boy did he want a pair of goggles for himself but he knew that they’d be much too big for him to wear. There was that issue though that the scientist seemed almost too interested in him. It made him uncomfortable although he didn’t quite understand why yet. His next experience with people was terrifying, the explosions fascinated but scared him and the height made him dizzy and sick. The capture had come fast and although he’d been taken away from his friends, no his family at least he’d saved his little brother. He’d built up his ‘good’. But those same strange people had stuck him in a cage, observed him, laughed nastily at him when he tried to leap for them through the bars and hissed angrily at them. Now they’d stuck him deep underground in a barely-lit cave, and he could hear the rattle of skeletons and the moaning of nearby zombies. His tough act had dropped now in absence of any of his kidnappers and he lay there on his belly, nervously looking around and trying not to whimper. He wouldn’t let those horrible peoples see him cry, he’d be a big strong brave Venopup until Cy came to rescue him…!

    … Nyx was scared.

    He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and jumped to his eight legs, scuttling back into the corner of his cage and clickling as angrily and scarily as he could. He knew it wouldn’t work but it was all he felt able to do. His webnets couldn’t get through the bars and his pounce didn’t have enough power to break through them. Of course, he also had a power deep inside him; right down in the centre of his glowing squishy green core but… if he used it he might turn ‘bad’. Nyx didn’t want to be ‘bad’, he didn’t want to damage anything or hurt this beautiful world…

    “Grab the creature, it’s time,” he heard someone say.

    Two figures appeared at the entrance of the cavern and he tried to make himself seem big and threatening. The two ignored him though and picked his cage up, roughly jostling him as they carried him out of the underground passage and out into the valley. He saw another shadowy people standing by a box that in the dim torchlight Nyx could see was made of some clear material although it seemed… dirty inside? There was a handle on one of the sides too. He was carried over to it, and the door to his cage was opened. However before he could react it was tipped forward and he found himself falling leg over core into the box, which was closed and hoisted up too, causing him to slam into the side of the box. That was when he realised there was something else in there with him, although with the jostling he couldn’t stay still long enough to see quite what it was. Eventually he felt the box’s handle being clipped onto something and the box swung round on it, finally staying on a single level although swinging alarmingly from side to side. He got to his feet as the swinging began to subside somewhat and realised that the box was being suspended from a crude wooden crane, surrounded by a small group of peoples. Eventually one of them, the tallest stepped forward and addressed him.

    “You’re a strange little thing aren’t you?” he said. “So small yet… you have such potential. Potential to be so strong and so deadly. You’re just what we need.”

    Nyx said nothing, glaring back as well as he could do. Inside he was quaking but outside he tried to be strong. He would get through this.

    “Stay strong Nyx, I know you can be.”

    He’d get through it and soon be back by the side of his family, the ones who cared about him.

    “Silent type I see,” and the tall person spoke again. “That is fine. I don’t require your speech abilities or whatever intelligence that nuke-crazy scientist might have programmed you with. All I require is your power, your raw untapped nuclear ability! You will use it to defeat all those false gods and the corrupt in power, in our name. You will bring equality to Minecraftia in our name.”

    When Nyx made no reply again, he merely pointed to something in the box.

    “All you have to do to make the change from the hands of the false godlings to our family of freedom fighters is to consume the gem we have put in there for you,” he said. “Eat it and change to your destined next stage, a stage where your nuclear and toxic abilities will be boosted beyond your current levels!”

    Nyx looked over and saw the green gem. He could feel its energy radiating off it towards him and it felt comfortable… almost soothing to him. But at the same time he could see the large darkened spot buried inside it and he knew that it wouldn’t affect him well, it would make him ‘bad’. And Nyx didn’t want to be ‘bad’.


    “What did you say insect?”

    “Nyx not eating that gem!” Nyx stood as tall as his little legs would allow him to and stared down his captor. “Nyx belong to Cy, not people who take Nyx. Nyx choose own path in life. Nyx choose be good, not bad. Nyx good Venopup!”

    The tall people just laughed. “Somehow I knew it wouldn’t be that easy. Your previous owner has had enough time already to brainwash you so I guess we’ll have to just force you.”

    Suddenly Nyx felt the box being swung away from the tall people and he flattened himself down to the bottom of the box, closing his eyes as it swung. When it stopped he opened one eye… and saw through the floor of the box that suddenly he was being suspended over a ravine! He gave a squeal of alarm and closed his eyes again, clinging desperately to the floor of the box. Too high, too high! He didn’t want to fall again…

    “Eat the gem or we’ll drop you to your death insect!” he heard the tall people yell over at him.

    “N-Nyx won’t!”

    The box suddenly dropped a little way and Nyx hit the bottom of it, whimpering quietly as he could as a gust of wind blew the box side to side as well.

    “EAT IT!”

    Nyx shivered and wondered where Cy was. Had she been lying before when she said she would always be there? No she couldn’t have been, not after…

    “I made your ‘Nyx’ from my own blood; I’ve a right to examine him! He’s my work! You only happen to be taking care of him now!”

    “Yeah, I’M taking care of him now Lalna. Trust me if anything appears wrong you will be the first person I turn to, but for now keep your hands off of Nyx!”

    But what if these people killed him before she found him? Maybe he should just eat it… maybe he’d be okay. Maybe…


    A loud cry rang out across the valley and everyone looked round, even the tall people… the valley wasn’t that well lit but everyone could see the sprinting figure travelling towards them at an alarming speed. The most notable thing was the fact that one of its eyes was a bright lit-up red purple; Cyborg was on her way to get Nyx back.

    “Release my Venopup!” she shouted as she continued to run.

    “Stop her!” the leader ordered some of the crowd behind him.

    As they rushed forward to intercept the angry cyborg-girl, there was a low sssseeeew! sound and a section of the valley’s wall exploded outwards behind the group of kidnappers. They scattered in disarray and the leader looked up to see the craft that they’d stolen earlier drifting over the valley from behind a mountain, its weapon smoking as it cooled down from the firing. A small ball of a creature dropped down from it, crowing as loudly as she could, sparks flying from her head-feathers. The craft seemed to pause, hovering in mid-air and a worried face appeared at the craft’s door a second later.

    “Clucky! You silly… you don’t have wings yet!” Lalna shouted, barely heard over the yells of the shouting mob down below.

    Clucky obviously had no regard for her own wingless nature though as she directed herself to land on an overhanging ridge then leapt into the fray, sparking furiously and shocking enemies while bouncing from person to person too fast for them to catch her. After a few seconds Lalna went back into the craft and resumed piloting it, the weapon turning side to side as he decided where to aim it.

    Meanwhile Cyborg continued her furious charge, seeing the welcoming party she just grinned and before she reached them triggered her in-built Jump Boost to sail over them, totally to their surprise. She landed a little off balance but recovered and continued to run towards the ravine, where only the leader now stood waiting. Nyx began to scrabble at the side of the box, as the leader came towards his friend… and Cyborg leapt over him too. Nothing was going to stop her from getting Nyx back with her.

    “I’m coming Nyx!”

    Nyx felt himself surge in happiness and then he directed the fear that’d been building inside him into instead bashing at the side of the box, trying to break it open and making it swing alarmingly. Sometimes his legs slipped in the sludge inside the cage but he continued determined. He would be free, he would escape, he would get back home! He slammed into the side and the box sprang open and he found himself unable to stop his motion, once again tumbling through the air, and suddenly the fear was back as he saw his death coming.

    “SEJII NOW!”

    Sejii ran from the cave partway down the ravine where they’d tunnelled down, Tobipup in her arms. She used her Jump Boost ability to spring into the air too, using her upward momentum to launch Tobipup straight up in the air, where the little Air pup flapped with even strokes as much as he could, flying towards his older brother. He intercepted Nyx in the air, and continued to use the momentum Sejii had given him to emerge above the ravine as Cyborg leapt over it, catching both of them in the air. Sejii emerged from the ravine too, landing on the edge and then leaping higher again as Cyborg launched Tobipup towards her to catch.

    “We’ve got you Nyx!” Cyborg cried to her Venopup, transferring him to his usual position on her back. “You’re safe now, just sit back and enjoy the ride!”

    Nyx gave a happy clickle, settling himself in for the ride. As they leapt above another group of attackers though he suddenly turned himself round on her back, only his back four legs gripping her blazer. As Cyborg wondered what he was doing suddenly she saw a luminous green net drop from behind her, hitting the attackers below and tangling them up and she laughed.

    “That’s right, let them have it!”

    “Let’s go Tobipup,” Sejii cried, launching her pet once more.

    “I’comin’ bi’ches!” Tobipup squeaked as he dive-bombed another group, sending them running as he nipped at their faces and ears.

    As he ran out of juice and dropped to the ground, Clucky bounced to him, setting up a little electric shield and clucking angrily at anyone approaching. Cyborg and Sejii dropped in beside them and grabbed them both.

    “Okay, we’ve got what we came for and caused enough havoc, get us back up Lalna!” Cyborg cried, pressing her earcap to send a communication up to the hovering craft.

    “Can’t I blow up another mountain?”

    “Once we’re up there with you!” Sejii cried. “Get us out of danger first!”

    They felt the tingles of the teleport and suddenly they were up in the craft, they ran to the cockpit where Lalna was maintaining a hover.

    “Okay, now you can let them have it,” Cyborg grinned at him and Sejii nodded, her expression one of evil glee.

    The scientist released the charge on the weapon and the mountain above the valley exploded, sending boulders crashing down into it. They took the chance to fly off as fast as they could before anyone could see them getting out of there. Clucky hopped out of Cyborg’s arms and sat on the cockpit control desk with her owner, happily clucking at him. Meanwhile Cyborg felt Nyx beginning to tremble on her back.

    “What’s wrong?” she asked, stroking his leg.

    “Nyx… Nyx happy Nyx home,” he sobbed. “Nyx was scared… too high.”

    And Cyborg grabbed him off her back and bundled him in her arms. “Let it all out my friend.”

    As Nyx clung to her front and sobbed quietly Sejii excused herself to treat Tobipup’s wings which he was complained to have strained, complimenting her pup’s strong performance and part in the rescue. As Cyborg sat there, stroking the Venopup she became aware that Lalna was staring at her.

    “Don’t give me that look scientist,” she said.

    “It’s just… weird,” he said, looking a bit confused. “Nyx is a part of me so it’s weird watching you comfort him like that.”

    “As if you didn’t cry as a baby too,” Cyborg grinned at him mischievously. “We all did Lalna. Give him time to grow, and he’ll become the best Venopup. I’ll raise him and make you proud of this one of your little creations.”

    “If he’s anything like his sister,” Lalna commented, looking round at Clucky who was now watching the world speed by outside with measureable excitement. “Then I know that he’s got it in him to live up to my expectations. Take care of him, I’m allowing you to keep him.”

    Cyborg laughed as Nyx began to doze off, tired after all that’d happened. “Allow me?” She got up, following Sejii into the back. “My dear Lalna, after all that’s happened, I’d love to see you try to separate Nyx from me in both body and heart. He’s mine now, forever.”

    He had no answer for that, but smiled back and turned to pet his Volpup as Cyborg went to help Sejii soothe Tobipup.

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