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    Cyp's Challenge Post Empty Cyp's Challenge Post

    Post by Cypriss on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:55 am

    Challenge: Pt. 1:

    There are a few moments a person will never forget. The first time you fuel a stove, the first time you punch a tree, the first time you stick four stones on top of each other to turn them into bricks. The simple things.

    But the first time an egg falls from the sky to crack you across the skull ranks highly.

    Now this could be karma. Cypriss couldn’t remember all the times he’d thrown eggs at people as a HILARIOUS joke. How many chickens had he birthed in jest? How many chickens now roamed deep in mines because of a joke?!

    Well the obvious thing to do was to throw this assailant egg at someone. That was clear. But WHO?

    ‘Definitely enderbutt.’ Cypriss confirmed without pause. “Enderbutt” loved chickens so throwing eggs at her was Cypriss’ idea of a good time. Amusingly Cypriss considered Ender to be his best friend. Assailing your best friend with the infant form of their brethren is certainly… a unique way to deepen your bonds..

    Cypriss was a terrible friend, that’s why I’m tyring to convey here. An awful friend.

    Cypriss picked the (surprisingly large) egg up and lugged it over to the nearest portal. “C’mere ya’ bastard.” He grumbled as he walked through the glowing entryway.

    Instantly he was flung across the world to a small wooden pub. The Wittering Wither. He’d been attacked once by a madman with too much free time and an infinite supply of skulls. The attack had been done out of idle boredom and didn’t hurt much, but Cypriss had left home after it. If Deities in that part of the world thought flinging skulls into your magic pot was fun then he’d have no part in it.

    Sadly it was no deity, and this mischievous sir followed him either way so it didn’t matter in the end. Even so this had the unintended effect of leading Cypriss to a good friend and a new home. This pub.

    What a kind person Ender was, to take him in. Yep.

    Now let’s go throw eggs at her.

    Hahaha, yeah, Cypriss is the worst.

    Cypriss pushed the egg forcefully into a dispenser. It was hard to fit in but once it was in there all he needed was a lever… Right! Easy enough! He popped a stick on some rocks and boom. Done. He placed the lever down and sat down by the door. This was going to be so much fun.

    As soon as Ender walked in… CRACK SPLAT BOOM.Egg smashed. This big green weird egg, splattered on his wall! Probably going to hatch a cute little chick… Or maybe an Enderman..? A cute little babby Enderman… Splat! onto his wall…

    …I mean there was no telling what was in there.. right? It could even be like.. Maybe this was how new players were born?!


    “I’M SO SORRY!” Cypriss yelped as he yanked the egg out of the dispenser. “My little sky babby! My adorable little egg.. thing! I’mma raise you! Don’t even worry!” He said as he hugged the shell.

    ‘How could I even think of smashing such an awesome egg?! I’m the worst! This is totally Ender’s fault! Making a game of being hit by eggs! Convincing me into flinging eggs at her! Shame on you Ender!’

    …yeah, he’s blaming Ender now. Did I mention he’s the worst?

    Either way Cypriss gathered a bunch of pillows up and put them all down around the egg… How do eggs even hatch? He’d only seen mobs form from two critters rubbing up on each other for a bit or by flinging eggs at walls. Was there some other way?

    “Huh.. when I first spawned….. It was out in the woods.” Cypriss said as he looked to the egg. “Okay, cool. I’ll just.” Too late, that egg was wiggling all over.

    “Eh?! EH?!” Cypriss spat, eyes wide in shock. “HUH, WHAT?! WHAT?!” He looked around to see if Ridge was messing with him again. “Jokes on you. I don’t even HAVE a couldron anymore! I blew it up doing magic!” He said cheerfully.

    “….! Er! I mean! It blew up from… THING UNRELATED TO ME.” Cypriss said, realizing how dumb he sounded. “Erm.. Yeah so.. You know.. Please don’t hurt the egg!” He said as he rushed over too it and flung himself over it.

    “It’s a very special egg, it flew out of the sky. I’m rather fond of it, okay? You Nosey Parker! Thanks for asking! Sheesh!”

    No one was asking, no one was even there, except an egg going absolutely bananas.

    finally the shell cracked open, a blinding light flooded the room. Cypriss covered his eyes to protect them from the intensity. A moment later it calmed. He looked to the egg.. no.. the creature?! A small pink thing with glasses and a little wizard hat on.

    Oh my god that little wizard hat!!

    “ITSSSS AAAA WIZAAAARRDD!” Cypriss shouted triumphantly.

    “SAWIZERD!” The critter repeated.





    “Okay, sheesh, we get it.” Cypriss said flatly. “I mean, alright? It’s a wizard. Don’t overreact little guy.”


    “Oh no.. What have I done. I broke it’s brain.”

    And so the worst possible person to be caring for anything was now caring for a tiny wizard creature. WHAT CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG?”


    Cypriss took his power armor out of his virtual chest, he strapped in the boots and chestplate. This stuff was weird. It was equipped with all sorts of technical shizzle wizzle that made it invisible and awesome, but it also tended to work… too well.

    “Okay… a tiny little jump, just high enough for some vantage.. tiny jump. Tiny jump.”

    Cypriss leaped, rocketing into the sky with a thunder crack of noise. “WOOOOAAAAHH!” WHAM. Directly into the roller coaster. Cypriss groaned rubbing his head before accidentally sending himself screeching up again and this time through the branches and leaves of the stupidly tall trees before popping out into the clouds. “I HATE THIS JETPACK.” Cypriss said. “Okay…. I just need to descend.. just a little.”


    He plummeted to the ground in a loud explosion of dirt and sand. Cypriss groaned climbing out of the pit. “O.. okay… We’ll just.. we’ll search on the ground..” He said in a rhaspy voice.

    Challenge: Pt. 2:

    “Sawizerd, you’re a weird little guy.” Cypriss said as he interlaced his hands behind his head. “I mean you’re like a little pink blob wizard, but I’m not sure if you even do magic…” He said with a sigh. “Anyhow.. probably one of the modmob would know better…. I should hunt them down and see if they do…”

    “….?” Sawizerd didn’t seem to get what Cypriss was on about. Instead he was just bouncing around, pretending to listen as he got distracted by all sorts of new and strange things.

    “I wonder… I can’t be the only one that got one of these.. maybe I should go ahead and ask around?” He said as he looked to the tiny creature. “….I don’t even know what your gender is.. I’m completely clueless.”

    Sawizerd was rolling off the path towards a group of chickens. Cypriss was a bit concerned. All this had come so quickly, but what did Sawizerd even eat? Much less trying to figure out what gender it was or what it was meant to do.. Could he really handle this?

    Cypriss pulled out his DynaMap(TM). Echeb had made it for them. It was pretty swanky tech. It told him where everyone was all over the server. “No one I know is around…” He said as he rolled it up and put it away. “Except Artock, but he’s so cocky when he knows stuff and I don’t! No way will I let him know I need help!” Cypriss said with a huff.

    “I’ll just head to spawn…”

    Spawn was a weird place. There used to be a hydra and flame plumes and stuff. Now there were weird trees and a roller coaster….not to mention a giant statue of that mischievous guy…. It was the crazy sort of place where people just did whatever they please. Even so a lot of people went by there. His best bet for bumping into someone was there. Besides the lived really close to it.

    Cypriss wandered over to the Pig Roller Coaster… Still not done yet. Darn! He really wanted to ride it…. He sighed and planted his hands on his sides. “Man Sawizerd….. I don’t think he’ll ever get it to work..” Cypriss said looking around the complex track design.


    Cypriss turned and looked around. “Sawizerd? Sawizerd?!” He said as he spun around twice. “Where.. how..? Huh?!” He turned again before grabbing his head, face paling. “Oh shoot! Oh poot shoot doot toot!” He spat as he turned around and looked up and down. “I lost him!” Cypriss yelped.

    “Huh… Contacting the yogpets research clinic says sparkles…” Cypriss said as he closed the browser of his powertool. He looked around for sparkles… “Hurm…”

    He wandered around for a bit looking for the pink sparkles. He was getting increasingly worried. At least after viewing the research forum he knew his little guy was a wizpup, talented in magic… But that didn’t help him much right now..

    He searched around the main area for quite a while before he heard a noise… spalshing?! He rushed over towards the sound of splashing and saw.. SPARKLES!!! He dashed after the sparkles and brushed apart the leaves of a small tree to find his little guy splashing around in a tiny shallow puddle..



    “Goddammit! I was worried about you, you little asshole!”


    “Woah, you picked up that word fast.. gotta watch my language..”

    “Goddamn asshole!” Sawizerd repeated.

    Cypriss picked him up and hugged him. “I’m sorry I let you go… Man, I’m really not cut out for this..” Cypriss said as he relaxed a bit.

    “Goddamn newb.”



    Cypriss was.. huh? Had he ever said newb? Was Sawizerd learning without being taught.. maybe some stuff was innate in him? Either way it was.. wait what was that smell.. it smelled like..

    “Waitaminute.. where did you get the.. yellow.. liquid.. for this pool…?” Cypriss said growing increasingly pale.


    Get rid of this… ‘pool’, mister.

    “Goddamn noob!” Sawizerd said sticking out his tongue.

    “Yeah yeah, now get rid of it!”

    Sawizerd closed his eyes, summoning a flurry of pink energy..

    In a flash the pool was gone. Cypriss sighed heavily as he planted his hands on his sides. “Alright, that’s it. I’ve heard there’s some other creatures of your sort around the server.. I’m gonna go talk to them before you cause anymore trouble!”

    “Sawizerd!” The little guy said cheerfully. He seemed to be having the time of his (admittedly short) life.

    Cypriss shrugged nonchalantly. This guy just randomly changed his mind about whether or not he could talk, didn’t he? It was really frustrating. In a way he was pretty sure Sawizerd was trolling him.

    Cypriss lead the little pink blob across the spawn area and put up a sign.

    NOTICE: I have found a tiny creature. It is alive and it talks and also it does magic I guess? If anyone knows anything please leave a note here so we can chat.

    Once it was up he turned and looked to Sawizerd. Sawizerd was bopping about changing the colors of flowers with his magic. Cypriss smiled a bit as he fussed with his hair.. Even if he didn’t figure anything out did it matter? The thing was his friend.. Sawizerd was his friend..
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