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    Post by theEthereal on Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:20 am

    (Google Chrome just closed, I had to rewrite this Razz)

    I have done two challenges, using my OC Ethereal for the first and just me for the second. The first was just the original challenge: Choose an appealing egg and write a story. For the second I used a dice roller, and removed the chance of getting the most used lines (Sips, Ridge, Rythian, Xeph etc.)

    Ethereal and Neon:

    Part 0- Intro:
    His cybernetic right leg clunking, Ethereal continued walking through the wilderness. His loyal companion, a wolf named Grey, padded at his robotic heel. He had been traveling for days now, and was running low on basic supplies. After being thrown out of the last town he visited because he "scared the children", he had chosen a random direction and begun walking. He realized that not purchasing supplies was a bad idea, as his leg was damaged from a lucky blow from a bear, and he had no gear to repair it. Also, Gray was injured slightly by said bear, and was limping because of it. As his mind wandered, he realized he was not far from where he found Gray in the first place...

    "What are we going to do now?!" His dad had just returned from the mines.  He had broken his pickaxe, and his boss had told him that if he did not have a new one by the morning he was fired. "I don't know! We will have to look for work somewhere else..." While his parents were arguing, four year old Ethereal was playing happily with the broken parts of the steel headed pickaxe. One side of the pick was snapped clean off, and the other had a large fracture in it. The parents were so absorbed in their argument they almost missed the small "BANG" that went off behind them. Ethereal had, unexplainably, repaired the pick! His parent's eyes widened as they realized what that meant. Their child was blessed with alchemical powers over metal...

    Three years later, the boss of the mine Ethereal's dad worked at's son died in a tunnel collapse. Earlier that day, he had gone to Ethereal to have his pick repaired. The townspeople turned on Ethereal's family, calling him "demonspawn" and a "murderer." His parents were killed. Terrified and traumatized, Ethereal escaped the town and fled into the wilderness.

    A week later, he was found by a woman who would later be his teacher, bleeding out. His right leg and left arm were bloody and mangled beyond repair, and the left side of his face was badly damaged. The woman nursed him back to health, but he lost his damaged limbs and his left eye.  Over seven painstaking months, his teacher designed and built cybernetic limbs and an eye, and helped him learn to use them. At first Ethereal saw them as a burden, but then he realized they could be used to his advantage, and morphed using his alchemical powers. Teacher taught him skills in combat, medicine, survival and general knowledge over five years until, at the age of fourteen, he left to travel the lands and find a place to call home...

    One night, Ethereal was resting at his temporary camp. He had turned fifteen not three weeks past, and was feeling a bit lonely, missing Teacher and his family. He placed his cooking stove over the fire, and put some meat on to make a meal. As he busied himself with the task, he noticed some eyes watching him from the dark! Immediately in fight mode, he turned around, pulling out his plasma pistol and morphing his arm into a rapier. He then, unexpectedly, heard a whimper. The shadowy object moved into the light, and he saw that it was a wolf. It was limping, and its front left leg was bleeding heavily. Flashbacks of Teacher finding him, building his prosthetic limbs, rehabbing him flashed before his eyes, and he realized he could not leave this wolf. "Come here," he crooned, "come, Gray."

    A data display flickered up in front of his robotic left eye, pulling him out of his memories and showing that the radiation levels in the immediate area had just sky rocketed! Suddenly, a explosion to the left knocked him off his feet into a bush. A massive shockwave burst through the forest, knocking down trees and throwing him further back. His immediate thoughts, after recovering from his head ringing, were of Gray. Luckily, the poor wolf landed only a few meters away, relatively unscathed. He forced his body into motion, and, with Gray behind him, he staggered towards the crater.

    In the center of the massive hole lay a metal pod. It was scorched and burnt, with wires poking out everywhere. It was also burning hot, so Ethereal melded his arm into a long flat rod and, heaving, prized open the hatch. Lying inside was a black egg, with three alternating neon green and blue stripes. He placed it in his satchel and walked off, the egg resting against the kinetic generator that powered his cybernetic eye...

    Part 1- Hatching:
    As Ethereal plodded onwards, he pondered the past events, and why the egg had appeared. Speaking of the egg, it was still in his satchel, and warming up slightly, which he dismissed as his body warming it. "The town should not be far now." he thought, which meant a safe place to sleep, supplies and good food. Unconsciously, he rubbed the mangled side of his face. One scar lay above his bionic eye, just above the eyebrow, partially hidden by his shock of dark hair. The other two lay across his cheek. To slightly disguise these two scars, he wore dark red paint across them, making them look like tribal markings. The eye itself was made of silver alloy, with a green lens. It was attached by another strip of alloy to an earpiece of the same color, which held his scanners and radio. It had a small cable attached, which connected to a cable cleverly hid in his satchel strap. The satchel held a kinetic generator, attached to his leg and arm which needed little power, but generated lots. The satchel was detachable, of course, but he only removed it when sleeping.

    While he walked, he amused himself by fiddling with his bionic eye's settings, causing his vision to zoom in and out crazily. Becoming a bit more serious, he then scrolled through some info and read about the upcoming town. Gray was sniffing his satchel, which he ignored, and was looking at a map when the totally unexpected happened. A glowing blue line of text appeared in his HUD. It read "HELP! I'm kinda suffocating here!" Ethereal froze. Did he really just see that? "Hello?" he said out loud. "Hello! Now GET ME OUT OF HERE!" replied the text of the screen. Meanwhile, Gray had been pawing at his satchel, so Ethereal opened the bag. Inside lay a creature in the remnants of the egg! He reached inside and took the thing out. It was, oddly, warm and fluffy, a sphere with black fur, neon green eyes and three neon stripes on his head, green, blue then green again. He also had two longish arms with neon blue stripes. Another line of text. "HAYO!" To this, Ethereal replied "Umm... Hi?" The text appeared again "Who are you?" "I am Ethereal. Who are you? What are you?" The creature thought for a second, then the words replied "I am an Aliepup!" "How do you know that?" Again, the creature looked confused, before replying through the screen "Erm... dunno... Anyways, who cares?" Ethereal then asked "Do you have a name?" "Nope!" He smiled, then hugged the creature tightly. "I think I'll call you Neon, after your markings!" Neon smiled, and the text displayed the letters "Purrrrrrrrr..." Ethereal thought to himself "Erm... Ok?" Then Gray stod up on his back legs and sniffed Neon, before licking him. The text "Ooh! That tickles!" popped up. Ethereal plopped him on his right shoulder (the organic one) and started walking again. "Hey Ethereal, why is your arm metal?" He smiled, then replied "That is a long story... But it is a while before the next town. See, when I was four years old..."

    Part 2- Communication:
    "So you really can change the shape of your arm?" Neon asked through Ethereal's bionic eye. "Yeah, and all other metal. Means I never need to buy specific parts!" he laughed. Neon smiled, and a smiley face appeared on Ethereal's text feed. "Wow, thats cool! We really need to figure out another way of communicating, though." Neon frowned. More text popped up. "Why?" Ethereal grimaced. "Well, it's all good that you can talk to me, but what about other people?" Realization dawned upon Neon's face. "Oh." As they reached the top of a ridge, the town rose up in front of them. It was a basic place, with the usual general store, hotel, blacksmiths, leather works and mill. A few houses were dotted around, and fields surrounded the village. "Well," Ethereal said, "Lets find a place to sleep." He shifted Neon, who was dozing off, to his cybernetic shoulder and melded his arm up and around to keep the little Aliepup in place before whistling to Gray and striding towards the town.

    The hotel was mediocre at best. The food was edible, and the rooms relatively clean. Before entering, Ethereal placed Neon inside his satchel, to avoid suspicion, then purchased a room for the night and a kennel for Gray. Ethereal fell asleep with his back to the wall, curled around Neon who was snoring gently. His bionic eye, if activated, would have been spammed with "Zzzzz's"

    The next morning, after breakfast and freshening up, the trio headed out to purchase supplies. First stop was the general store. There they purchased medical supplies, food and some wires and bits of scrap. Then, Neon resting on his shoulder, the group headed to the blacksmiths. As they arrived, the blacksmith raised his head, and seeing Neon, who was riding on Gray (and enjoying it) widened his eyes. While Ethereal started talking business with the smith, he could not keep his eyes off the Aliepup.  When Ethereal had stated his needs and asked the smith about payment, the smith snapped his head around, smiled and said "I'll take the little fella." A line of text popped up in Ethereal's feed. "Wut?" Ethereal firmly stated "He is not for sale." The smith smiled again and said "I didn't ask. I said I'LL TAKE HIM!" then drew a knife from his belt and held it threateningly. Ethereal froze, which caused the smith to chuckle. "Too scared to stand up to me, eh? Well, pleasure doing business with you." Neon messaged him again. "Why does that man have a knife?" The smith then made a vital mistake. He turned to pick up Neon. Instantly, Ethereal drew his hidden plasma pistol with his right hand, and, silently and smoothly, transmuted his arm into a hook and pulled the smith short by his neck, pressing his pistol to the back of the man's head. "Bad luck," he said "but I said, NOT FOR SALE!" while transmuting the hook tighter and tighter. The would-be thief's face turned red, then purple as he choked and tried to plead. " I-gluck-m...sor...y...stop!.." But Ethereal just squeezed harder, his vision dimmed, features contorted in rage as he choked this man who tried to steal his precious pet! Through the rage came a single line of blue text. "STOP! You're gonna kill him!" Ethereal, realizing the man had ceased struggling, and was trying  in vain to pry the unforgiving metal vice from his throat. Ethereal suddenly let him go, and, after giving the sniveling man a solid kick in the behind with his metal foot, grabbed the pile of materials and, giving Neon a bear hug, said "I'll take these as a bribe to not call the authorities on you." Then he ruffled the fur on the back of Gray's neck and headed back to the hotel.

    Back at the hotel, he smuggled his two companions past the bartender and headed up to his room. After setting Neon down on the bed, where he promptly curled up and fell asleep, and throwing Gray a biscuit, he grabbed out his materials, along with the parts he had in his bag, and started working. Using the power of alchemy to easily shape the parts, he quickly built a few circuit boards, then fetched his headphones from his rucksack. They were given to him by Teacher as a parting gift and, somehow, were still intact even though his music player was broken long ago. He grimaced as he removed the casing and got to work.

    He worked until about two in the morning, only stopping to eat or relieve himself. Then, his eyes drooping, he lay down next to Gray and Neon who were curled up together, and fell straight asleep with his best friends in the world. He woke in the morning to Neon bouncing on his chest. "Wake up, sleepy pants! It's morning!" Ethereal groaned as he stretched his muscles and got up, while Gray sleepily licked his hand. Neon bounced over to his labour of last night. "What are these?" Ethereal rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he replied "Headphones. But they are special." Neon sniffed them. "Oh?" Ethereal picked them up and fitted them on Neon's head."I put a wireless receiver in them, then linked it to the chat feed in my eye. When you message me, it displays it and sends it back to your headset. Then it plays it out loud with an autotuned voice, but I haven't tested the voice yet." Neon bounced. "Cool!" Ethereal reached over and switched on the headset. "Ok, try it now." Neon bounced again then said his first word: "HAYO!" His voice caused Ethereal to fall to the ground, tears of laughter streaming down his face and his hands pounding the ground! It was ridiculously high pitched and girly! "What? Is it something I said?" asked Neon quizzically, causing Ethereal to crack up even more! After calming down, Ethereal fiddled with the settings, leaving Neon's voice at a smooth male voice, of maybe a 12 year old. "Well," Ethereal asked, "what next?"

    Part 3- Battle:
    As Ethereal, Gray and Neon left the town, they talked about the events that occurred there. "So the smith was trying to kidnap me?" asked Neon in his auto-tuned voice. "Yeah, but he kinda failed!" laughed Ethereal. Neon joined in, and even Gray barked happily. It was a great day, the sky clear and their morale high. Then Neon looked concentrated for a second, then said, in a perfect impression of the smith, "I said I'll TAKE HIM!" which caused Ethereal to fall over laughing. Instantly, his two pets and companions jumped on him, causing more laughter. Gasping for air, Ethereal asked "How did you do that?" Neon concentrated, then in a normal voice, said "I can just... sense the controls, and change them." They continued walking for a while, joking and chatting, generally enjoying each other's company. They lapsed into silence for a few minutes, which was when they heard it. A scream, belonging to a female. "NO!" They looked at each other, then Ethereal placed Neon on his shoulder, whistled to Gray and sprinted to the clearing he could make out ahead.
    In the clearing stood a man and a female. The man looked to be about 30, the girl about Ethereal's age. More interesting were the two Yogpets in between them. Fighting. The man's pet was a Venopup and the girl's a Flarepup, according to Neon. The Venopup was obviously winning, and the Flarepup had some almost life-threateningly bad injuries! The girl sprinted at the man, yelling "You bastard! Why?" The man laughed, and tripped her, sending her sprawling while replying  "Fun. As they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" The girl was obviously in distress, and seeing the Venopup was about to end it, Ethereal made his move. He yelled "Hey, jerk!" Meanwhile, Neon jumped on the Venopup, pinning it to the ground. The man turned. "WHAT?!" Ethereal asked "What do you think you are doing?" The man laughed. "Killing this bitch's pet!" Ethereal transmuted a sword into his hand. "Not today, I think!" The man smiled a crooked smile, then drew his sword. "Maybe I will yet!" The two men joined in battle. The man attacked with reasonable skill, but he was no match to Ethereal. Every move he made was countered easily. Then the situation changed. By making a sword out of extra metal on his arm, the metal in his sword was less dense and weaker. The sword blade snapped clean off. The man laughed, and went for a final blow. Ethereal rolled and sent a tentacle of metal out and attached it to the broken blade and sucked it up, rebuilding the sword and countered the next swing easily. He then transmuted his sword into a pole and smashed the man over his head, knocking him to the ground. Turning to the Venopup, he said "You can do better than him." The Venopup then nodded and ran into the forest. He turned to the man lying on the ground, who was trying to get up again, and deftly tied his hands behind his back, before attaching his right foot to the knot, leaving the man lying uncomfortably on the ground in a u shape. During the sword fight, the girl had picked up the shaking Flarepup, and was holding it tight while trying to staunch some of the more serious wounds. Ethereal fetched some healing salve from his satchel, and walked over, handing the girl the tube. "Are you ok?" She took the salve gratefully, and started smearing some on the wounds on her pet, unaffected by the flames. "Yeah, I'm fine, unlike that wad over there. Thanks for the help." Ethereal smiled and replied "Well, I couldn't just leave you, eh? Oh, by the way, my name is Ethereal and this little fella on my shoulder is Neon. Neon bounced happily, and said "HAYO!" Finishing her job, she handed the tube back to Ethereal and picked up the Flarepup. "I'm Kate, and she is Spark. So, what brings you here?" Giving Neon a rub he replied "Just passing through. My eventual goal is to go to Tektopia, because I might get answers there." Kate looked quizzical. "Like?" Ethereal shrugged. "Why the pets have appeared."

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