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    Warriorgirl1234's Challenge Empty Warriorgirl1234's Challenge

    Post by Warriorgirl1234 on Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:07 pm

    Chapter 1- The Egg

    I rushed through the door, into my house in Mistral, tripping over my wolf. She grunted at me and huffed off. "Sorry," I mumbled, throwing my bag on the ground.
    I walked over to the fridge when someone knocked on my door. "Who could that be.." I wondered peering out of my house. On my doorstep was a strange egg, it was a pink color with a white star like object on it. I looked around, but not seeing anyone I took it inside.
    I took my old scarf and basket and set the egg in them. Upon this, I went back to dinner, oblivious to the cracking on the egg.
    A sneeze pushed the freezer open, revealing a candy looking animal. "What is this place" it asked. Then, I fainted, terrified.

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