A Game Of War : a PH/YP Short

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    A Game Of War : a PH/YP Short Empty A Game Of War : a PH/YP Short

    Post by Akarui Tencho on Fri Apr 19, 2013 3:59 am

    Akarui and Kurai sat at the table Sykes at Akarui's side and a misic egg at Kurai's

    "Let us begin this game of war" Kurai cries

    "A game of war?" Akarui askes quizzleingly "like chess?"

    "NO! The game of kings JANGA!"Kurai says drammaticly

    "Oh okay...makes sence"Akarui says agreeingly

    The game was to determine what kurai should do with his egg when it hatches eithet join Hiiragi ,Endy and Akarui in training there yogpets or leave and train on his own and the way to decide was a game between friends TO THE DEATH ....uh...I mean of kings yeah thats the right one.


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