Stat Modifiers: What they are, how they affect your pet and where to get them!

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    Stat Modifiers: What they are, how they affect your pet and where to get them! Empty Stat Modifiers: What they are, how they affect your pet and where to get them!

    Post by PredictedCyborg on Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:25 pm

    Hey forumites and Yognau(gh)ts alike!

    My (user)name is Cyborg and I'm the person who runs the Yogpets Registry.

    Given that the battlestat system overhaul came with a stat reset, people have been a little confused about what stat modifiers are still relevant. Some people are confused about stat modifiers altogether. So I thought as the person who is asking for them to be made available for my records, I'd attempt to explain them a little better.

    What is a Stat Modifier?

    A 'Stat Modifier' is the term that is given to any plus or minuses to your pet's stats that makes them differ from those default values that your pet's species usually has.
    For example a Volpup usually has 8 in Stamina, but if it has a bronze stamina charm attached to it, it will have 13 in Stamina. In this case, the 'Stat Modifier' is +5 Stam.

    Which Stat Modifiers that I received are still relevant?

    The answer basically is that any stats gained in battle BEFORE the reset are no longer relevant. The charms, training from facilities and submission/title gained boosts are all still relevant, even if the forum based ones are a little changed now to how they were before hand.

    How can I get Stat Modifiers?

    There are a few ways to get Stat Modifiers including through the forum, by training via ND's school or by Daycare classes or by gaining charms/ranks with bonuses.
    The negative Stat Modifiers usually come from afflications/illnesses.

    What are the Stat Modifier values?

    Daycare Classes: 3 classes, +1 to the stat the class is for.
    Battle School: One-time per tier, +2 to any stat
    Story Submission: +1 any stat per chapter
    Art Submission: +1 any stat per piece
    Challenge Submission: +1 any stat per piece/chapter
    Rank: Varies based on Rank
    Charm: Varies based on Charm
    Battle: If agreed upon, +5 stat points for any stats for the winner, +2 stat points for any stats for the loser.
    Yogular Defection: Reduces stat point pool from 35 to 20 in Pup Tier.
    Nilesy-Line Rabies: Reduces Int and Magi down to 0. Cureable.
    Sjin-Line Zombie Disease: Reduces Perc, Char and Stam to 0. Uncureable right now.

    How do these have an effect on my pet?

    Stamina and Intelligence affect a pet's HP
    Strength and Magicka affect a pet's Attack
    Charisma affects a pet's Defence
    Perception affects a pet's Accuracy and Evasion.

    I hope this has clarified Stat Modifiers a bit. Keep an eye out for changes though, I'm bound to have gotten some information wrong somewhere. ^.0;

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