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    Tales of Oddball Empty Tales of Oddball

    Post by curls101 on Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:31 pm

    Hello there! This has been posted...Pretty much everywhere but I thought I'd upload it onto here as it is Yogpet specific! Also many of my chapters contain spoilers for Yogscast series you have been warned

    “I'm not lost.” Pandora muttered to herself, looking around at the endless expanse of jungle trees that blocked the sun,
    “I'm not lost.” she repeated, like a mantra. If her Farmhouse was around here then it was really well hidden. There didn't seem to be a plains biome anywhere around here, where her homestead sat next to the river. Pan clung to her musket, which was fully loaded, prepared for the creeper that was inevitably hiding behind one of the massive jungle trees. Forcing herself onwards, she marched through thick foliage and branches, seeming to get nowhere at all.
    “I swear I've seen that random piece of stone before... Oh, screw it, I have no idea where I am!” she shouted, angrily tearing a thorny branch from her leather hunting jacket and shaking cobwebs from her long ebony hair.

    Pan took a moment, noticing that the sun was setting alarmingly quickly, to consider her imminent demise. Would it be a Zombie this time? If she was lucky, It'd be a Skeleton on a zombie horse: those things were awesome. Knowing her luck, it would be the thing she feared most, the creature that killed more than any other mob – Endermen. She'd look the wrong way and it would charge at her, her bullets phasing through the damn thing, and she'd die the way she had a thousand times before. Just as the burning light of the sun vanished beneath the horizon, she saw it, torchlight. Joy filled her face as she ran for whatever created the light. She looked to her left and was glad to see it was clear of mobs. Then she looked right, still sprinting, and right in her face was her arch nemesis. The Enderman let out a screech upon detection than struck a fear chord somewhere deep inside her. Expletives flowing in a constant stream, she bolted for the structure, dodging the Enderman wherever it appeared. Pandora had never been so glad to see a structure with a moat.

    With a final burst of energy, Pan ran into the structure she had discovered and allowed the iron door to slam shut behind her. She knew that Endermen could teleport, so diving into a seemingly confined space with only one entrance probably wasn't the best idea she'd ever had. The room she had stumbled into was massive. It seemed to be circular, which was impossible, with what appeared to be a massive shrine in the centre. The entire thing was made of obsidian and nether brick, and was certainly something she'd never seen before. She felt the overwhelming need to take off her leather boots so not to leave mud on the polished floor and leave her gun at the door.
    “Welcome, child.” came a voice from the shadows. Her reflexes told her to raise her weapon but the room had entrapped her. Nothing could hurt her here.
    “What is this place?” she whispered as if she stood in a library. The walls on her right were lined with books and strange looking potions, so it was a fair assumption.
    “A peaceful place. A place that worships the End of all things.”

    A woman emerged from the shadows. She looked like she'd lived for an eternity, with a cascade of untamed moonlight hair and eyes the colour of lilac. She hunched over and leant on a mangled looking mahogany walking stick. Her robes seemed to be of silk or perhaps smoke, like someone had entrapped the whips straight from a volcanoes mouth and weaved them into fabric. Her voice seemed to come from everywhere but her own mouth. Suddenly, Pan felt greatly unnerved and kept her weapon in hand.

    “I've been waiting for you, Pandora. So has he.” she said, pointing with a bony finger towards the shrine that set at the top of a massive set of stairs in the centre of the room.
    “Right, and who's `he`?” Pan asked, looking nervously left and right, her misty eyes continuously drawn to the shrine. The old woman smiled devilishly.
    “You'll meet him soon. Or maybe you wont, it is his decision after all.”
    It was at this point Pan heard the noise. It was a noise impossible to describe to any other human being. It was not singing but it was more just a sound. The un-worded pleas of something that wanted to be free.

    “He calls to you! You must go to him, now! He chooses you.” the woman exclaimed, far to excitable for her liking. Her instinct told her to run. Surely the Endermen were safer than this madwoman and her strange temple, which seemed to worship some of the most terrifying things in Minecraftia. It was Pan's innocent curiosity which ultimately prevailed. With silent footsteps, Pan ascended the stairs to the shrine. Someone had really pulled out all the stops with this one. Purple smoke trickled down the stairs like oil. Obsidion spires reached out a hole in the roof like hands reaching out to devour the sun. Slowly, she reached the top, seeing a pedestal placed in the centre. Sitting on it was what appeared to be an egg. The smooth surface glistened a deep purple and sparkled slightly with energy. The most prominent feature, however, was in the centre. There, engraved into the smooth skin, was a massive eye symbol. It seemed to pulsate with life, like it wanted to be carried away. She could still hear it's pleas for freedom. The feelings overwhelmed her and the egg, about the size of her head, was in her arms before she realised what was happening.

    “Perfect!” the woman exclaimed. Pan briefly wondered how her fragile form had survived the stairs before the egg's song recaptured her attention.
    “Why is this here?” she asked. Normally, her first question would be ` what, in Notch's name, am I holding` but at the moment, she didn't care. She felt the warmth of the egg entrap her heart as if it was a newborn babe.
    “It was a gift. A gift from a man with goggles, he was not of magic, but a gift of this type is not easily turned away. But it matters not where he came from, he is yours now!”
    “Wait what..” Pan tried to retaliate, but the crazy woman interrupted again,
    “Love it, research it or even freeze it's shell away, whatever you do with it, take it! Good luck, Pandora!”

    Then she felt herself falling, like she did when she took a trip between the ages, but she was sure she'd not touched any of her Mysticraft books. Plus, she was almost certain she'd never left the Overworld. In her arms sat the egg. Was it her imagination, or had it got warmer and heavier? Sighing, she looked at the eye symbol.
    “Well, little fella`.” she muttered, running her thumb over the eye. Was it her imagination, or did it make a happy noise when she did that?
    “What in Minecraftia am I going to do with you?”
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    Tales of Oddball Empty Tales of Oddball P2 Hatching!

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    I thought I'd upload everything I have for now. I try to alternate this with my other Yogfic, so bare with me! BLACKROCK SPOILERS WITHIN

    It was in times like this, Pan wished she was still in contact with Lalna. Pan had placed the egg on a stand usually reserved for inter-dimensional transportation in her underground firing range and was circling it like some kind of vulture. Over the hours she'd spent trying to work out what to do with the egg, it had grown hotter and hotter until it became too hot to touch. She'd considered taking it too another dimension to see if any of them had seen anything like this but swiftly realised that not only was it now too hot to carry, it was now too heavy also. She was stuck with it.

    “What did the crazy lady tell me to do? Love it? Well It's not like I can hug the damn thing!” Pan exclaimed before beginning to circle it counter-clockwise, her riding boots clicking loudly in the underground stone chamber. Through the door beyond, the sounds of machinery and science could be heard. The red lamps shone within, creating an eerie red shadow in the doorway. It looked menacing, just how Pan liked it, the fewer people who went in there the better.
    “I can't research it, there's no libraries around here! I don't know where Rythian is any more...” Pan was consumed by grief again but she pushed it back. Blackrock was gone, so was Zoey as far as she knew, there was nothing she could do now. She'd left Duncan for what he'd done, now she was back to how she was before, now she was at her full power. There were bigger problems at hand right now.

    “What was the third thing...” she muttered, changing her direction again, “Freeze it? I can do that!”
    Pan wasn't sure if she was imagining it, but she was sure it made a happy sound again. It was like a winters ice breath through wind chimes. Taking two steps back, Pan drew on every piece of magic Rythian had taught her and sent ice magic towards the egg. Closing her eyes, she continued her assault until she was sure it must be frozen solid. Her eyelids fluttered open and she was faced with the egg, frozen solid inside an ice cube. It was almost like something out of cartoon. Then it began to violently shake. Pan took a few steps back and grabbed her prized musket that was leaning against the wall.

    With a bright flash of blue and purple light, the creature emerged. It floated just above Pan's eye level and seemed in a state of shock. It was the coldest blue and seemed to have three horns, one in-between his eyes and two more on either side of his head. It had no arms, or legs, and if it had a mouth it was concealed by a layer of purple that covered the lower half of it's body. It's eyes were purple but seemed almost hypnotic, the colours swirling and dancing. As it hatched, it seemed to sing, as if celebrating it's freedom. It reminded Pan, quite sadly, of a mage she once knew.

    Pandora wasn't quite sure what she was meant to say in this situation. She'd always been good with animals – she even lived on a farm – but this was far beyond her expertise. The egg lie in fragments around the pedestal, shimmering away slowly into nothingness.
    “That was a pretty egg, you know, I was going to put it on my mantelpiece!” she exclaimed, deciding humour was clearly the best way to deal with the situation. The creature let out a note which almost sounded like an annoyed sigh. Then it met Pan's eyes and the creature began to let out little sharp notes which sounded like panic. It began looking around frantically, clearly seeing it was trapped, and began darting around. Pan was having trouble following the damn thing with her eyes when it appeared right in front of her.
    “Ah!” Pan exclaimed, jumping backwards out of fright. The creature let out a similar noise but decided to send a snowball hurtling in her direction instead. It didn't throw it as much as it summoned the thing and it did as it asked.

    Skilfully, Pan dodged the snowball and creased her eyebrows. She wasn't often happy when she was attacked by things, even if it was something as pathetic as a snowball, but her caring instincts stopped her from hurting the thing. The song that always seemed to play around it seemed to show that it was just scared.
    “Listen, tough-guy, you can attack me all you want but I can tell you don't really know what your doing here. I can give you food and somewhere to stay until we find where you belong, OK?” she shouted, extending her hand to the creature. His eyes looked at her hand and they seemed to say,
    “I'm not going to smell it, if that's what you want!”
    Pan looked indignantly at the creature before sighing and ascending the ladder to the Farmhouse.

    The creature looked at the ladder as if it offended him.
    “Your flying, aren't you? Get up here!”
    The creature scowled at her before closing his eyes and raising himself up, completely missing the gap and whacking his head on the stone. Pan had to contain her laughter as the creature staggered a bit then spat at the offending block, freezing it solid.
    “Your a smart thing, but your not very...aware, are you?” she asked, rummaging through her chests for anything to feed it. The creature let out several short noises that Pan heard as,
    “I'm aware enough to know where all your vital organs are...”
    Pan stopped for a moment to see the creature had survived the ladder ordeal and was hovering just above her left shoulder.
    “Well, that was rude. Your not a very nice... thing...” she muttered, returning to her hunt for food.
    “I'm not a thing, I'm a Chillpup!” the creature declared, closing it's eyes and turning its nose up. This time, Pan didn't bother hiding her laughter.
    “A Chillpup!” she exclaimed, clutching her sides which suddenly ached, “ That's adorable!”
    The creature seemed deeply offended by this and replied in it's normal, musical way,
    “I'm not `adorable`, I'm a badass!”
    Pan raised her eyebrow and sighed. This thing really reminded her of a certain mage. If so, it should like meat. She pulled a steak out of her preservation chest and moved into the main room with the fire to cook it but was somewhat unsurprised when the Chillpup swooped down and ate the thing, raw and whole.

    Pan noticed the creature seemed to be made of ice, so she climbed the ladder up to the roof- as far from the fireplace as she could get. It was windy and the cold nipped at her face but she had long ago stopped caring. She looked out onto the distant jungle biome, knowing beyond that there was the others,the ruins of Blackrock castle and the scientist who'd pulled the switch. The lights of the powerflower behind her was the only light source and created a faint glow which settled over the stone rooftop. Pan hugged her knees and let the Chillpup fly around and get the hang of moving. There were a few near misses with the horse stable that made her cringe but he was really getting the hang of it.

    After over an hour of silence, Pan declared,
    “I'm going to call you Oddball from now on.”
    The creature stopped to hover next to her.
    “Call me what you will, I care little, I know who I am.”
    Pan pulled her lips into a smile. She realised how long it had been since she had spoken to anyone. When she had lived with Duncan she'd wake up, tend to the horses, have a coffee with Lalna -to discuss anything and everything- then they'd work on a project or, if he had to go over to Honeydew.Inc, she'd fly over to Rythian's for a chat and some magical adventuring. She never really stood still and she was never lonely. The nuke had changed all of that, tearing a hole in her life. She couldn't live with the man who'd killed her best friend. Could anyone do that? She'd run back to her old farm and gone back to her life of animals and inter-dimensional travel. She hadn't spoken to anyone besides her animals since.

    “I wish I had your indifference.” she muttered, gazing up at the moon which shone silver light over the creepers and the mobs the other side of her wall of Interdiction torches. Oddball seemed uncomfortable. Perhaps it was because Pan had become so melancholy all of a sudden.
    “I shall call you Creator.” Oddball declared looking up to the moon and the snow biomes to the North.
    “I'm not your Creator. I found you. My name is Pandora – Pan for short.”
    Oddball seemed to let the first half of this comment pass him by.
    “Then I shall call you Creator-Pandora. It matters little.”

    After this, Pan noticed the sun rising and decided it was about time to show Oddball around. She activated her flying ring, which seemed to really confuse him, and descended to the ground. She introduced him to her horses, her goat Charlie, her ostrich Uggie, the millions of chickens, her two cows, her two mooshrooms and her pigs. She decided not to show him the Hub just yet. She didn't want anyone knowing about that. He was better off thinking the obsidian building was just for storage. If he was impressed he was doing a brilliant job of hiding it. She briefly showed him the Nether portal and the Thaumcraft Eldritch Monolith that sat right outside her house.
    “Don't go near either of those.” she told him, “They're dangerous to us both.”

    Then she showed him the interior. There was the main area where the fireplace stood proudly next to two red armchairs. Her condenser sat in the corner and she told him briefly how it was connected to the two quarries she had set up in the hills. Up the staircase, there was her bedroom and balcony which she explained she rarely used these days. There was always something else to do. On the roof, there was her power-flower which was slowly producing red matter. Then, she took the ladder downwards, explaining how this connected to every floor and her underground area. The first thing he noticed was the firing range. Long corridors with traditional archery targets at the end. If he noticed it was full of holes, he didn't say anything about that either.

    Finally, she opened the door to her science facility.
    “This is where I put most of my machinery.” she said. Oddball had politely sat through this tour, only asking questions when he truly didn't understand, so Pan would get it finished as quickly as possible. The walls were a gleaming marble, with red lamps dotted every few spaces. She'd used where he quarry had once been to create a massive space. There were mazes of wires and whirring machinery along every wall. As soon as he entered, Oddball let out a screech that sounded like nails on a chalkboard and backed away from the din of machines.
    “What's wrong?” Pan asked, hurrying back into the firing range with him on her heels.
    “That noise! It's horrendous! What type of technology was that?” he exclaimed, shaking off the noise creating noise that sounded like sleigh bells as he shook.
    “That was my Science facility...” she muttered, the pieces clicking together in her head.
    “Then I hate Science! Keep it away from me!” he exclaimed, closing his eyes and shaking his head. Pan stood, unsure of what to say. He was too like Rythian for it to be a coincidence. What was she meant to do with him? Was he meant to stay with her or did he have somewhere to go? Maybe she should let Lalna take a look at him...

    With this thought nagging at the back of her mind she lead him back upstairs and gave him a few raw steaks which he consumed eagerly. Was something wrong with her little pet? She could swallow her pride and take him to Lalna. Was she really prepared to look after this without any kind of insight? She could take him to one of her friends in the other dimensions, but she doubted they'd seen anything like this either. Besides, who knew if he'd survive the trip there and back. Maybe she could just avoid science around him. That could work out.
    “I think I'm going to have to take you to Lalna...” she muttered to him, watching his little purple eyes widen until they were almost as big as his head.
    “No!” he exclaimed, flying away from Pan and hiding in the corner of the room.
    “ Why not?” she asked, standing up from her crossed-legged position on the floor. He'd never met Lalna before. She'd hadn't mentioned him before either. Something was wrong here.
    “Lalna is the worst of them all!” he exclaimed, causing Pan to recoil. She'd heard these words before.
    “Ok! Calm down! First of all, you've never met Duncan, so I don't know why you feel this way. Second of all, I wont take you too him if you feel so strongly about it. I think there's someone else you need to meet. I'd just need to find him first...” Pan muttered, heading back up the ladder to the roof. She looked out over the jungle to the north, the vast desert to the east, the second jungle to the south in which she'd discovered her new companion and finally to the west where fields stretched for miles. It would take her a small age to find him.

    Oddball managed to fly up the ladder without hurting himself too badly and looked out to the horizon with her.
    “You live all the way out here...All on your own.” Oddball asked quietly, the small chimes he used to communicate nearly lost in the wind. Pan smiled a bitter-sweet smile.
    “I do now.”
    “That's odd... You seem so...Communicative.”
    “You mean I never shut up.” she said, chuckling, “I used to live with someone who used to mutter under his breath whenever he did anything. It was the only way he could recall information.”
    “You used too? Why didn't you stay if you were so fond of him?”
    Pan sighed and pushed back the waves of flashbacks.
    “He did something bad and I...Left him.”
    “You left him or you ran away?” Oddball prompted. Pandora was on her feet within seconds.
    “I left him! I didn't run away!” Pan walked to the other side of the roof to look out over her farm.
    “Sounds like running to me...” Odd muttered, glad Pan could not hear him. “Why don't you go back?”
    “I can't,” she replied, her stomach all in tiny knots. Oddball sighed,
    “You humans are too complicated for me...”

    Pan cracked a small smile at that. If she could test Oddball's strength, maybe she could try to track Rythian down. She could show Odd what was left of Blackrock. Maybe then he'd understand why she could never go back. She swooped down and grabbed her musket.
    “Come on, Odd! I want to see how you get on with a Skeleton!” she shouted from the ground.
    “What's a Skeleton?” Odd shouted back.
    “Oh, you'll see.” she shouted before closing her misty eyes and shaking her head, “This is going to be a long night...”

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