Dr. Alex Chase's Request: Sawizerd and Cyp's Risky Rescue!


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    Dr. Alex Chase's Request: Sawizerd and Cyp's Risky Rescue! Empty Dr. Alex Chase's Request: Sawizerd and Cyp's Risky Rescue!

    Post by Cypriss on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:44 am

    Lypup hunting part 1:

    Cypriss looked at the notice.,.. Rabid Sjin and Nilesy line pups needed for testing for a cure…. Cypriss looked to Sawizerd. “Wow.. I can’t believe there is such an illness..” He said as he placed a hand on his friend’s head. Sawizerd looked to the report before looking down, nervous. “S.. Sawizerd.”

    Sawizerd could talk, Cypriss knew this by now. He only pretended he couldn’t when he had nothing to say or wanted to avoid talking. Cypriss got the message loud and clear, though. Sawizerd was scared of fighting and he was scared of Cypriss making him fight and most of all he was scared of getting the disease..

    As much as Cypriss wanted to.. He couldn’t..


    “C’mon you nooblord!” Sawizerd said bounding ahead cheerfully. He was out with Cypriss on another walk.

    Cypriss trailed back, looking out into the woods with a distant expression.

    Sawizered stopped and looked back to him. His expression became inscrutable as he looked down. “It’s not any fun when you get all far away, Cyp..”

    Cypriss looked back to him, surprised. “Eh? Huh? Oh.. Sorry.” Cypriss said shaking out of it. “Yeah, let’s go!”

    “No!” Sawizerd scrunched up his brow. “What’s the matter? You’re actin’ like a goddamn noob!”

    “I…. Well.. I just felt like..” Cypriss looked out to the woods. “You know mage types are special… They can only hatch one way.. Through love an affection..”

    Sawizerd’s eyes widened and he turned, somehow, more red than pink. “What the flip are you on about?! Love and such! Das’ embarassin’!”

    “Well I Do, you know.” Cypriss said looking to Sawizerd. “I do…” He said as he looked down. “That’s why it’s so hard.. The Nilesy’s out there. Feral Nilesy’s mean that people got eggs and just.. abandoned them. Then those eggs got sick. Now they’re out there all alone and they’re scared and alone..”

    “… Well.. Yeah.. But it’s not our job to care for every Tom Dick and Jane! not to mention they’re dangerous.. What if they got me!” Sawizerd said incredulously. “Let a Sips line hunt them! Or a Daltos, or a Lomadia! Anyone! But if I go I could wind up.. wind up..”

    He was interrupted by a cry at the moon.. Feline. Lypups were feline in nature and susceptible to the illness..

    They both understood the implications..

    “I understand that.. And I’ll never make you do it if you don’t want to.”

    “Good, then let’s go.”

    “BUT.” Cypriss said adjusting his bag, “It’s just.. well .. YOU were an abandoned pup… You could have BEEN one of them.”

    Sawizerd turned and looked to Cypriss, stunned silent. “Wot are you on about, mate?”
    Lypup Hunting Part 2:

    “Well it’s the only answer that makes sense… I didn’t get a note about you from anyone. Others did. I didn’t know anything ABOUT you guys until I learned it from others. You came in through my flipping window, man! Someone abandoned you.. I’ve been thinking it over and that’s all that makes sense..”

    Sawizerd didn’t know what to say to this.. He stood silent for a moment. “Nah mate.. Even if it’s true you an’ me are two pears in a bush.”

    “Peas in a pod.”

    “Right, two pod pee-ers.” Sawizerd said nodding sagely. Cypriss didn’t know how to react to that.

    “That.. That’s true. I also think it’s best like this.But see my point is, my love for you made you what you are. It literally changed you… Love and affection.. that stuff IS magic. That’s why it’s necessary.”

    “Oh my flipping LORD, you’re so sappy today! Yer’ makin’ me vom, man!”

    Cypriss laughed sheepishly as he massaged his neck. “Anyhow… All those nilesy pups are sypups and lypups.. because they were alone. If love and affection can be power, can be magic. Then what if they’re sick because they’re lonely? Because people abandoned them? And even if not.. They’re still out there, alone, scared, and sick. And you’re my family and they’re YOUR family. Your gene stuff is the same as theirs..”

    “Yeah…. I guess there’s no arguing that.” Sawizerd said looking down.. “But what if I get bit?”

    “Love and affection is power.” Cypriss said with increasing confidence. “I’ll protect you with an infinite amount of power.”

    Sawizerd smiled sheepishly, “Yer’ so gross with that lovey dovey sap!” He said, not really sounding like he hated it as much as he tried to pretend he did.

    “Alright, let’s go own some nooblords and then get dinner. Ahm’ aboot tah’ starve over here.” Sawizerd said with new resolve.

    Cypriss clenched his fists. “Right!”
    Lypup Hunting Part 3:

    Cypriss and Sawizerd wandered through the woods. They’d been out hunting since night first crept over the area.. it was actually pretty scary. Even so he’d heard reports of wild yogpests out here and specifically some Lypups with the weird disease!

    Sawizerd led the way, being uncharacteristically brave.

    Cypriss had to admit, he’d put Sawizerd in a hard spot by bringing all this up, but he was so proud of the little guy. He felt like the two of them had made some honest progress…

    He paused, a sound from the woods…!

    A black figure emerged, glowing red eyes set on the two of them. The Lypup emerged hissing violently. The Lypup rushed forward, narrowly missing Sawizerd.

    “Prototype: FIRE!” Sawizerd roared sending pink flames of magic after the cat! Lypup was easily knocked away!

    “At least the info on it being weakened was right…” Cypriss said as he rushed to Sawizerd’s side. ”Just like we planned.. Use your ice spell to hold it in place!”

    “Right!” Sawiz focused, gathering his magical energy. However before he could strike the Lypup pounced at him. He was only barely able to dodge away.. “Darnit.. I can’t risk staying still long enough to make a powerful enough spell!”

    This was bad… one hit and it was all over for Sawizerd…

    “Just.. do your best, I know you can do it!” Cypriss said.

    Sawizerd calmed himself, the encouragement seemed to help. He gathered his magic again.. But once more before he got enough he was pounced at! He dodged away… “If only I could take a hit then I wouldn’t need to worry so much!”

    This was bad.. Sawizerd had low stamina, he was’t meant for a fight like this… The enemy had the advantage. They couldn’t risk killing it and if it landed one hit they were toast.. They needed to hold it still…But… how?

    The Lypup pounced.. It didn’t look like Sawizerd noticed.. He was just standing there…

    No.. realization dawned, Sawizerd knew better than anyone about his weaknesses. He knew if he didn’t strike now he’d be out of luck.. He knew that so he stood..

    “DAMMIT!” Cypriss roared leaping in front of the cat. He threw his arm up letting the cat chomp down. The intensity of it was quite severe… It really hurt!

    “What are you doing?! What if you get sick?!”

    “‘I’m a human! Besides, the same goes for you! Now freeze it you big dumb dumb!”

    Sawizerd wanted to protest but it was too late now. However.. there was a new problem. “Cypriss.. I can’t freeze it on your arm! The Lypup is made to take attacks like this but there’s no telling what would happen to you..”

    Cypriss didn’t know what to do about that… This thing was biting down furiously. He looked down at it.. made from data from Nilesy, it was Lyndon based.. Lyndon was Nilesy’s best friend, but this was just a slathering brute. Cypriss felt a pain in his heart for the creature. Abandoned and alone, it was reduced to.. to this..

    ‘Love is power.. magic is love.’

    Cypriss hugged the creature to his chest. “Little friend… Rest.. Rest, now. It’s all okay.. You’re not.. You’re not alone anymore.. We’re going to get you help… So please.. please just rest!” Cypriss said, using his words but also trying to somehow convey his feelings…

    At first nothing happened.. However after a moment the creature looked to him.. A flash of awareness crossed his features… The Lypup fell to the ground, hissing and growling. It turned and readied to pounce Cypriss again. It’s moment of clarity had passed.

    Luckily that was enough time for the ice spell to launch at the creature and freeze it solid. Sawizerd had been ready for any opening.

    Cypriss’ arm hung at his side as he winced visibly.. That.. really hurt..!

    “Let’s hurry and… Take it to Dr. Chase..” He said weakly.. This wound was quite bad…

    “Cyp…” Sawizerd’s expression fell, he was eaten up with concern. “I’m sorry.. I.. If I’d been a bit faster… I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t go throwing yourself in harm’s way you big idiot.” Cypriss said forcing a smile. He walked to the frozen creature. He took out his bag and quickly pulled the collapsible cage into shape. He put the quickly thawing creature into the cage and locked it tight. He then hung a tarp over it. “Just rest for now.. We’re going to find you help..”

    Sawizerd looked to the cage, he felt.. sad. Seeing this creature like this made him more sad than he’d ever felt. For some reason.. for some reason he couldn’t explain he loved this little creature. “I hope Alex can help..”

    Cypriss groaned as he lifted the cage with his good arm and carried it off towards Dr. Chase’ s lab.
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    Dr. Alex Chase's Request: Sawizerd and Cyp's Risky Rescue! Empty Re: Dr. Alex Chase's Request: Sawizerd and Cyp's Risky Rescue!

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