The Dirt Tournament: Getting started and the Rules

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    The Dirt Tournament: Getting started and the Rules Empty The Dirt Tournament: Getting started and the Rules

    Post by Hiiragi Wasabi on Sat May 18, 2013 11:22 am

    Welcome to the first Yogpet tournament!

    Daring Yogpets and their owners step into the arena to compete for the Dirt Trophy!
    The dirt trophy, as crumby as it appears, entitles you to the “Dirt Champion” Rank, which grants your pet a bonus 50 STAT and %25 immunity to Earth types! You also win 5000 Pet Points (pp)

    ~ If you have signed up, your battle will be set up for you under the Tournament section (Roleplaying> Yogpets RP> Battle RP> Tournaments and competitions> Dirt tournament)
    ~ You are allowed to role the Heal die and the Magical damage die three times.
    ~ You are allowed to role an Elemental bonus die once (It has to be in your pet’s element)
    ~ If you win a battle you will gain 5 STAT, if you lose, you gain 3. You must immediately update this to your pet’s Statistic card.
    ~ Your battles will be monitored by the Gem Knights, so don’t try anything funny!
    ~ Take your time! The next Round will only start when all of the battles of the current round are cleared!
    ~ Be fair and have fun! Don’t feel bad if you lose because there will be more tournaments in the future!

    There are 20 Competitors which means that there will be ten battles! There will be 10 Winners that will step forward to the second Preliminaries!
    Winner rewards: 100 pp

    10 Competitors, 5 battles.
    Because of the uneven amount of winners, we ask that all the people who didn’t win this match roll the Magical damage die in the “Soul Bucket”, the person with the highest role is resurrected and brought back into the next round.
    Winner rewards: 300 pp

    There are 5 winners, plus the addition of the chosen one from the soul bucket, meaning there are 3 battles. Yet again, that means there are three winners. The people who do not win this are asked to roll the Magical damage Die in the Soul Bucket.
    Winner rewards: 500 pp

    Three competitors, plus the person who rolled the highest in the Soul Bucket.
    Two battles! This means that one person from each battle will go to the grand finale to compete for the trophy!
    Winner rewards: 1000 pp

    One of these fierce battlers will be the Dirt Champion!
    Winner rewards: 5000 pp, 50 STAT, Dirt Champion Rank
    PRELIM 1
    eagle vs K
    Kate vs Colour
    Brit vs Chase
    Sasha vs Cyborg
    Jessica vs Bee
    Lydia vs Mysha
    miranda vs scarlett
    Shi vs katie
    Eps vs Gamux
    Vacous vs Mikenno


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